Uckfield High Street pavements - a repository for pigeon excrement.

Your comments: What is the point of new High Street arrangements?

Uckfield News reader Robin Eatwell asks what is the point of new arrangements in Uckfield High Street. He can’t see the benefits.

Mr Eatwell writes: I may have missed it as I have only just signed up for regular updates from UckfieldNews.com, but what is the point of the new arrangements in Uckfield High Street?

It seems that a lot of money has been spent, and we have ended up with fewer parking spaces (without any parking restriction enforcement), buses that now stop and block the entire lane whilst they deliver and load passengers, and pavements that look like they have become the repository of all the pigeon excrement for the entire neighbourhood!

I watched an ambulance trying to make its way up the High Street the other day – siren blaring – but there was nothing it, or the other traffic could do, to make way as the street was chocker-blocked with traffic. I hope whoever agreed this plan is happy with the outcome, but for the life of me I can’t see what benefit it has delivered.

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