Your comments – The truth is Uckfield CCTV doesn’t work

Nick Johnston has contacted Uckfield News following our story last week about plans to improve CCTV in Uckfield and comments he made during a public consultation.

Mr Johnston says:

“I refer to the article about CCTV and the council considering upgrading the system. The comments made by a member of the public were mine.

“Sadly the clerk to the council has cleverly evaded much of the point being made. She claims that the angle of the cameras and the location of the vandalism made it difficult.

“The truth is that the cameras do not work and they are not monitored in the way they were designed to be monitored.

“At least one of the cameras is a swivel system meaning that it could be moved and adjusted if anyone bothered to monitor them (which they do not).

“Further, the trees damaged are very clearly in the High Street in full view of everyone so if the cameras could not see it then they must be pointing to a useless area.

“Again, the truth is they do not work and are not monitored. Why can the clerk to the council not just admit it?

“The reference I made to a ‘stand off’ with the police related solely to the parking issues and not CCTV.”

Response from Uckfield Deputy Mayor Duncan Bennett

Uckfield Deputy Mayor Cllr Duncan Bennett responded on Facebook to Mr Johnston’s comments saying:

“Fact 1. The CCTV system does work (but is in need of urgent upgrade to improve resilience, reliability and functionality)

“Fact 2. The system is set to auto scan and recorded, unless circumstances dictate real-time monitoring by Sussex Police.

“Fact 3. The Town Council are currently in late stage discussions with partners and suppliers regarding possible upgrades.

“Fact 4. Our Town Clerk has always been correct in her statements and comments regarding the current system and plans for potential future upgrade works.

“Fact 5. To state that the system “does not work” is generally incorrect and worse still, could be regarded as irresponsible in terms of giving the wrong impression of the current state of security in our High Street and could encourage opportunist criminals to take a chance.

“In summary: Yes, there is an acceptance that our current system is in need of modernisation and improvements to its reliability and ability to provide admissible imagery, that is why the council and its officers have been working hard to bring about a package of options for the future enhancement of CCTV in Uckfield as a matter of urgency.

“I hope that this informs readers of the current situation.”

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