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Just how bad are Uckfield rail problems?

Rail service out of Uckfield causes frustration.

Derek Neeve said: Could I ask if anyone is keeping track of what is happening on the rail service out of Uckfield? Everyday this last week there have been trains delayed, cancelled or with mechanical failure of one nature or another. There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of times the train has terminated at Crowborough. The volume of passengers also now using the facilities has grown to such an extent that all trains running out of Uckfield in the morning do not make it past Eridge before they are full and passengers having stand.

This position is even worse as was the case yesterday when the 05.42 was cancelled. If Uckfield wants to be taken seriously it needs to address the issue now not later, especially when you hear about plans to build 1,000 new homes. I will be surprised if I am the only one raising this issues and maybe you do a piece to find out just how bad the problems really are. (Message via the Uckfield News contact form on Friday, November 7)

Chris supports retention of on-street parking

Chris Lawson, from Lawson Commercial, has written in support of retaining on-street parking in Uckfield High Street and expressed concern about the effect on businesses of the current phase of improvements in town.

Here are extracts from his letter, received on Wednesday, November 5:

“Already one shopkeeper has decided not to renew his lease when it expires at Christmas. He has seen a dramatic drop in turnover and is not prepared to endure a further 30 weeks of disruption in 2015.”

Mr Lawson adds: “I fully support Charlie Mears-Lamb of Noble Wines with his ‘Save Our Street’ campaign and petition. The council must not restart the scheme after Christmas.

“It should be completely reappraised in the light of what has occurred. There are a couple of parts of the High Street which would benefit from wider pavements but the bulk of the parking should remain.

“Talk to any retailer and they will tell you that the ability for a shopper to pop into the High Street, park and then buy a few items, leaving again, is hugely beneficial. If you remove that facility people will simply go somewhere else.”

Charity begins at home

Wendy Broadbery writes: “Charity begins at home, well done” in response to our story about Uckfield Foodbank being given enough food for 2,800 meals. (Comment on Facebook, November 4, 2014).

Caroline Snelgrove writes: Has anyone thought of removing the bollards between West Park and Rocks Park? If it can be done to suit Frills all Round then why not for people north of the river, so they can access their houses without gridlock on the bypass. Just a thought. (Received Monday, November 3, following our story Stone bollards removed from Bridge Farm Road, Uckfield)

Congratulations on speedy kerb repair

Mark Arno from Carvills in Uckfield High Street writes: I would like to thank Cathy at Uckfield News for flagging up the poor state of repair that the original brick curb outside Carvills had fallen into and to congratulate East Sussex County Council Highways Department for a speedy repair, their engineers worked on the kerb for several hours yesterday and it looks super. (Received Saturday, November 1. See our story: Photographs show the state of Uckfield pavements)

Battered brickwork in steps outside Carvills.

BEFORE: Battered brickwork in steps outside Carvills.

carvills kerb repaired

AFTER: Brickwork back in place.

Thanks to an amazing person

Richard Barker via the Uckfield News Facebook page: Can I thank the very amazing person that found the £30 that I forgot to take from the Santander cash machine in the High Street and handed it in. I love the people of Uckfield!! (Posted on October 31)

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