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Your comments: Muddle over parking enforcement in Uckfield

David Baldock tells how he tried to alert the authorities to his broken down car in Uckfield High Street and was sent between town council and police with neither accepting responsibility for parking enforcement.

Hello, writes David, I thought I would share with you an experience I had today in Uckfield.

I drove into the High Street at around 1140hr and parked in one of the 30 minute parking bays. I went into Santander Bank, came out five minutes later only to find that I couldn’t engage drive so found myself stranded in a car that wouldn’t move.

I didn’t have my mobile ‘phone with me so had to walk home to West Park to call my breakdown service. Realising I was about to exceed my 30 minutes I thought it might be a good idea to just pop into the council offices to advise someone that I had broken down and was in the throes of having the car moved.

The receptionist seemed happy to make a note of my registration number but our assistant town clerk, Christine Wheatley, who happened to be in reception advised me that they were unable to assist as it was the police who are responsible for enforcing parking laws in the town.

Undeterred I hot-footed it up to the police station only to be advised by the officer on duty that upholding parking laws in the town was the responsibility of the town council as parking in the town had been de-criminalised some time before.

This was news to me. I told him that the council had told me otherwise but he was adamant and said that it could be down to a private company.

I duly walked home, rang my breakdown company and made my way back to the High Street to wait. This was around 1230hr. I was removed from the high street at 1640hr.

I did notice that at least two other cars were parked in the bay when I arrived and were still there when I left.

I was heartened to be told though, in the council offices, that they are working hard to minimise illegal parking in the town!


Owen Hoy emailed Uckfield News after reading Mr Baldock’s comment, above. He said:

I completely and utterly agree with David Baldock with regards to the lack of parking enforcement in Uckfield Town as on several occasions last week I noted vehicles that had been parked in the thirty minute bays for several hours and no one seemed to care.

Coupled with this last week I had occasion to call the Police to some anti-social behaviour of kids here at Fernley Park and whilst speaking with the local Uckfield officer I got on to the subject of parking enforcement and was clearly informed and I quote “PARKING CONTROL AND ENFORCEMENT IS NOT IN OUR REMIT ANYMORE”. Farcical or what?

Plus yesterday morning once again at approximately 11.45 am the Superdrug delivery HGV was firmly parked up with all wheels on the pavement (as per my previous communication to you of some weeks ago) and only metres from the new raised planting beds. A complete and utter disgrace and frankly Superdrug management should be deterring this practice as well.

Parking has not been decriminalised in Uckfield

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