One of the grass verges on Manor Park Estate, Uckfield, damaged by vehicles parking on it. Picture: Alan Duncan.

Your comments – Manor Park verges are a problem too

A ‘continuous slide into a casual don’t care approach’ to surroundings, particularly on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield, has been raised by Uckfield News reader Alan Duncan.

He was prompted to write to Uckfield News after reading about concern about litter accumulating on the town’s by-pass.

Alan writes:

“I’ve read with great concern and on-going disappointment, the continuing theme of Uckfield’s verges both in and out of the town.

“We’ve been here 50 years now because we like the town and had no reason for moving. So many changes in that time and sadly, the gradual deterioration of our surroundings.

“We live in Manor Park (that ‘Garden Estate’) but no longer can it be described that way in many places.

“There seems to be a continuous slide into a casual, ‘don’t care’ approach to individual’s immediate surroundings. I have watched with disbelief the destruction of the verges on Downsview Crescent on the approaches to the shops.

“The road has of course become a main thoroughfare with buses, coaches and shoppers using it. So whilst I can sympathise with parking difficulties for immediate residents – when cars are no longer fitting the garages and also no longer rust if left out – I don’t understand the wanton damage to the verges there.

“Large holes now filled with water, the mud contents spread onto the footpaths. The migration of the vehicles along the verge when holes are too deep and no apparent attempt by anyone to mitigate the damage in any way.

“My daughter lives in Burgess Hill in a similar estate with garage and school-run isses BUT the local council have made tremendous efforts to ‘solve’ (as much as possible) the problem.

“Their first task was the introduction of green support grids allowing the grass not only to grow but also support the vehicles. However this eventually allowed two lines of parking, one on-road, the other on-verge.

“Driving became a lottery as there were no longer any site-lines for motorists. Now, a very attractive and low (12 inches) wooden fence protects the verges, provides safer driving and actually looks good too.

“I seriously suggest that the council takes this on as an immediate issue. I have written several times, but never really a degree of concern or even discussion! When this verge is completely destroyed and the footpath reduced in width, where will these cars be going? I rest my case but fear, as before … nothing. Well done Burgess Hill.”

John Moar comments, on the Uckfield News Facebook page about the state of verges in Downsview Crescent:

“Downsview Crescent verges are ruined by inconsiderate parking associated with the school run. Complaints to the council have no effect. I try to maintain the verge outside my house and returfed it last year. This is what it looks like now (see below). The one next door and those up the rest of the road are worse.”


The verge outside John Moar’s home in Downsview Crescent.

Ian Mackay says on Facebook: “Multiple vehicles per house is the problem.”

But Jill Moar responds to his comment saying: “At our end of Downsview Crescent that is not the problem as everyone can park two or three cars on their drive and do so. The problem is the parents before and after school.”

Sadie French says: “They are all ruined around the school.”

Richard Clark says: It’s same down Neville Road which isn’t school traffic.”

Sid Martin says: “The footpaths on the estate are that bad, if it weren’t for the verges there would be nowhere to walk safely.”

And Sam Keen says: “The problem is the council charge the earth to lower the curb for those houses where they have the space for off-road parking that the verges are still getting affected.”

Jill Brownsword emailed Uckfield News saying: “I totally agree with all the comments about the state of verges on Manor Park caused by inconsiderate parking and the state of some of the twittens on the estate with littering and dog poo!

“It is time people became responsible for their actions.”

Helena Scott says: “The road down to the rugby club is in an appalling stage now. Grass verges just mud and so many potholes, some repaired poorly and re-opened. When we first moved here it was a nice looking road, now it looks a ‘banghole’ as my mother would say!”

Ann Stroud agrees with Helena. She says: “The access road to the rugby club is a mess, potholes, grass verges just mud. The whole road needs to be resurfaced, not just patched. The people who visit the rugby club don’t care about the verges because they don’t live there! About time something was done!”

Same trouble on Church Combe Estate too

Jamie Mclean says on the Uckfield News Facebook page: “It is the same on Church Coombe Estate. The parking so bad up here even the buses, dustman lorries go up the verges as they cannot get through. We have more tyre marks than we do grass.

“A lot of households are parking their work vans on the verges as nowhere else to park. Need more parking everywhere.”

And in Regency Close

Steve McIntosh says: “Ibn Regency Close at night due to the restrictions more cars are parked on tye double yellow lines than in the two car parks seriously narrowing the road which would make it difficult for an emergency vehicle to get through. The car parks are pretty much empty all night.”

Read comments on the ‘disgusting’ state of Uckfield by-pass verges here: Your comments – Are others disgusted by state of our grass verges?

And here’s what the council says about by-pass litter: Council responds to Uckfield by-pass litter complaints.

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