Rubbish strewn grass verges.

Your comments – Are others disgusted by state of our grass verges?

Uckfield News reader Owen Hoy has emailed about the state of grass verges. He asks: “Are any other Uckfield residents disgusted and appalled at the state of our grass verges? It is so depressing to see on a daily basis.”

Mr Hoy, who took pictures to illustrate the problem, has emailed Wealden District Council about the problem. He shares his comments to the council here:

“I would like to express my disappointment at the overall state of the grass verges between the above mentioned roundabout (Batts Bridge) close to Uckfield, along the Uckfield bypass and onward between Halland and Eastbourne ending at  the “Toby Carvery” roundabout.


“The entire area is filthy and a complete and utter eyesore, littered with paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, bottles and other assorted waste including bed mattresses etc. It is a total and utter disgrace and Wealden District Council should be ashamed of themselves. Remind me, why do I pay my council taxes ? What is more appalling is the fact that my council tax will increase by about £70/80.00 per year and for what ? as it certainly isn’t on litter picking or grass cutting.

“Surely Wealden District Council can see how embarrassing this is with visitors to this area and people just passing through seeing nothing but waste everywhere. Not a good advert for our lovely countryside and environment in general is it?


“I would like to see Wealden District Council dealing with this issue as a matter of some URGENCY please and I look forward to receiving your response.”



Another comment

Pamela Wilson has emailed Uckfield News saying: “I endorse Owen Hoy’s comments. The verges are a disgrace and the people that throw and/or tip their rubbish from vehicles are an even bigger disgrace.

“Our local councillors must surely use the A22 at times and be aware of the situation – are they content to sit back and take no action?

“I hope the residents of Uckfield get behind Owen Hoy and the council are pressured into dealing with the situation.”

Madeleine Judge commented on the Uckfield News Facebook page: “I was on the bus to Brighton last week and was struck by how much rubbish there was on the verges, especially on the approach to Lewes.

“It was mostly coffee cups, cans, takeaway wrappers that people throw from their cars.

“Lazy, dirty, nasty, thoughtless people. Keep your rubbish in your car until you reach a bin!!!”

Neil Kerridge comments on Facebook too, saying: “Unfortunately there will always be a minority of litterers and Wealden and ESCC are not meeting their obligations to keep our area clean.

“Much of the noticeable litter on the by-pass is actually plastic sheeting, cement bags, etc, which is actually probably blown off the back of a lorry rather than deliberately littered.

“Roads like the by-pass are statutorily required to be cleared frequently enough to meet standards set down in law, but they just aren’t.

“Much is due to cutbacks and increasing other costs to be sure, but the councils need to do something rather than just let the situation get worse and worse …”

Neil adds: Brighter Uckfield volunteers also do their best to keep on top of the problem. We’d rather the professionals were better funded, and out much more frequently, but in the end we just get out there and try to keep it clean ourselves when time allows, because somebody has to!”

Lea Cavanagh says: “The by-pass is a lot better, saw two guys collecting litter on Tuesday.”

Rowland Stenning says on our Facebook page: “It is disgusting that people do this! Though litter seems to breed more litter, keep it there and people will add to it. Keep it under control with scheduled litter pics and you’ll probably find less and less each time.

Rich Woodland says: “While we’re at it why do people who smoke in their cars throw their butts out of windows. I’ve seen them hit bikers and roll into the grass verge. You have an ash tray … use it!

“And then there’s people in supermarket car parks that just empty out their cars where they park … Victor Meldrew moment over … honest.”

Nicky Drew Hurle says: “The other thing I notice is the state of the signposts. Along the by-pass it is impossible to read some of the town signs and, as for our wonderful old sign posts they are going to pieces.

“I am fascinated by the way that WDC have called people out to join in a litter pickup, talk about free labour, what on earth does one pay the tax for?”

Penny Gordon says: “The backroads at Buxted have Maccy Ds rubbish, cans, bottles, all tossed from moving cars … disgraceful.”

Council’s response

Council responds to Uckfield by-pass litter complaints

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