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Speed humps are ‘pathetic’

John Goring emailed Uckfield News yesterday, Wednesday, September 16, saying: “I read with interest your article on the New Road Safety Campaign in Ridgewood. This issue is really in two parts:-

“The residents campaigned three years ago for the closure of New Road and a petition showed approximately 75% were in favour of this action, as were East Sussex Highways.

“We campaigned for New Road closure as we could all see that New Road would become a rat run for motorists going in the Lewes direction from the new Fernley Park Estate.

“They, in fact, had the developer of Fernley Park, Linden Homes, build a hammer head at the Lewes Road end of New Road to enable cars to turn around as there would have been no exit.

“However this action was blocked due to various objections and with the help of Cllr. Chis Dowling!

“After a period of time, and various meetings, it was decided that the alternative to closure the ‘best’ option to help prevent fast traffic on New Road were the speed humps that have now been installed. These humps are pathetic and do not in any way slow the traffic down.

“The temporary speed reminder signs are in no way effective and the level of traffic has increased considerably to the detriment of road safety.

“The second part is that of lorries illegally using New Road to access the Industrial Estate. If you look at the attached photos (see below) and compare them to the one used in your article, you will note one major difference.

“Under the 7.5 tonne weight limit signs there are now additional signs stating ‘Except for Access’. HGV Drivers naturally feel they are gaining access to the Industrial Estate and therefore feel that they are legally allowed to use New Road to do so. These extra signs should be removed!

new-road-entrance-1 new-road-entrance-2

“I have been in correspondence with Highways regarding this but to no avail, and until these signs are removed the problem will not reduce. Every time I see a lorry break the law by using New Road I report it to both East Sussex Highways and the Police.

“Hope you find this of interest.”

Rat runners fly past at 30mph

Comments on the Uckfield News Facebook page about the same issue include one from Ben Gillam who says: “Speed bumps are a joke and can easily be taken at speed and the lane narrowing is more than wide enough for two cars. Pointless.

“So what actually has transpired from the earlier changes is residents driving slowly suffer the annoyance of speed bumps.”

He adds that some peole try to avoid the bumps and take off residents’ wing mirrors while “rat runners continue to fly past at over 30”.

Julie Ballard-Pratt says: “I think it should have been made one way from the Lewes Road entrance with width restrictions preventing lorries coming in from that direction and a width restriction just past the pub so that deliveries could still be made to them but preventing larger lorries getting past that section of the road.”

We need reliable bus services

31 service bus

Number 31 bus.

Terie Galpin sent a message received today (Thursday, September 17) via our contact form saying: “As a family of bus users (no car) I read with interest the article about a meeting between bus users and the bus companies. All sounds great, but what we really need is are services that are reliable.

“Last week my daughter, a student, caught the first 31 of the day from Chailey to Uckfield – it stopped down at the Budletts roundabout and she continued her journey on foot, emailing the organisation she had an appointment with that she would be late, luckily they understood.

“This morning she left home to catch the 31 travelling through Chailey from Uckfield to Haywards Heath which should have arrived at 7.54 – allowing her plenty of time to catch a train into London for a seminar at 10.00.

“When it finally turned up 30 minutes late the driver told the waiting passengers it had run out fuel!!!

“She won’t make it on time and no doubt there will be a knock on effect for at least part of the rest of the day, leaving passengers standing at bus stops wondering where the bus is and if they are going to be able to get to work and appointments on time.

“No wonder fewer people use the buses as they cannot rely on them when they need to.

“I have phoned The Sussex Bus Company to vent my frustration, they have apologised.”

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