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£31,000 for ‘dedicated’ Uckfield PCSO – this beggars belief

A Newtown resident (name supplied) says in an email to Uckfield News: Town Council draft budget includes £31,000 for a ‘dedicated’ PCSO and £15,000 for an Environmental Warden!

I was going to comment on this story earlier but it so beggars belief that even I was stuck for words. Uckfield Town Council could pay for PCSO

I can only compare it to the quote below:

According to the Uckfield Guide of 1869, “an excellent fire engine has recently been purchased by public subscription and a volunteer fire brigade is being formed”.

How well the emergency services had evolved over nearly 150 years and until the word ‘austerity’ was invented!

I wonder if in the year 2165 the history of the town will read as follows:

According to The Uckfield Guide of 2015, “an excellent PCSO has recently been purchased by public subscription and an un-empowered Police Force is being formed”.

Am I missing the point somewhere or are we now paying Central Government, Sussex Police and Uckfield Town Council to provide PCSOs without a Police Constable in sight? We’ll need help with an ambulance and a fire engine again soon.

What’s going on?

What is a £31,000 Dedicated PCSO? A Traffic Warden?

What is a £15,000 Environmental Warden? A street cleaner?

Both excellent ideas, both excellent for the town, both very traditional, but unfortunately, both unaffordable.

While it is great that the new town council is bringing fresh ideas to the budgetary table there has been no mention of what services we will not get in lieu of these major spends, nor of austerity.

Also up for consideration on a councillor’s wish list are Parking Permits to, presumably, clear the streets and fill the daily 140 vacant spaces in the new station car park. If residents’ parking permits mean an end to wheelie bins in the road, nasty ‘anonymous’ letters on windscreens and damage to legitimately parked cars then bring it on.

All I will say is “be careful what you wish for”, the yellow lines are coming and you may just lose ‘your’ space!

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Have planning officials gone mad?

Margaret Hyde sent a message via the contact form on the Uckfield News website: Have planning officials gone mad? April Cottage was a home but cannot be put back to keep lovely cottage as a home in centre of village without penalties, but you can put log cabins in a Wood in Hadlow Down where you would not get permission to build a house. Evidently you can bus 50 people in on weekly basis, but one family is evidently going to have detrimental affect on Ashdown Forest. April Cottgae was a house before all the other developments in village

Can you help find James Parker?

Vivian Ricketts from South Wales is hoping  somebody might be able to help him reunite with a childhood friend: Does anybody know of a James Parker who as a child in 1949 lived near Tuck’s Wood in Buxted? He was a good friend in those days of Melvin Ricketts who lived opposite in Mulberry Cottage.

Melvin and his brother Vivian are planning to visit Buxted and would like to meet James again. Vivian, who now lives in South Wales contacted Uckfield News for help in finding James. He thinks James was a pig farmer in Buxted at one stage and would be in his 70s now.

If you can help please email

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