Scott Innes, creator of @GalacticKevin.

You can help Uckfield man’s @GalacticKeegan become a book

Five years ago Scott Innes set his imagination free and launched a Twitter account waxing lyrical about footballer Kevin Keegan managing a football team in space.

It has proved so popular – 67,000 followers to date, including people like Gary Lineker – that now he is writing a book version.

The 34-year-old, who lives in Ridgewood with his wife Laura, is a big fan of Keegan and it occurred to him during a slow afternoon at work that he hadn’t seen the football celebrity on TV or anywhere else in a while.

Outer space

He wondered what he was up to these days and thought to himself: “He might be in outer space for all I know.”

That was it. His Twitter account, @GalacticKeegan, chronicling Keegan’s trials and tribulations running a football team in deep space, was born.

The idea is that the earth has been invaded by an evil alien race and the story features an expanding cast of characters.

Gentle humour

Scott said: “I wanted the humour to be quite gentle and good-natured rather than anything cynical or mean-spirited, in keeping with how I’d always imagined the real Keegan to be.

“I didn’t expect it would ever entertain many people beyond myself but it now has 67,000 followers, and when the opportunity came up to write a book version I was very excited to try it.”

Scott is working with publishers Unbound using their crowdfunding model. See:

Funding target


The book has a set funding target to cover editing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, and people can pledge towards it to help reach that goal.

Scott said: “It’s essentially a case of a book requiring enough pre-orders to show that there’s demand for it to exist.

“Everyone who pledges will also receive a copy of the book with their name listed in the back as a supporter of the project.

“Once a book reaches its target the book is then published in the traditional way like any other.”

Scott, who works within medical education in the NHS, says being able to produce a book based on his Twitter stream would be a dream come true.


He said: “The book isn’t written to appeal only to football fans, nor would readers need any prior knowledge of the Twitter version, it’s a sci-fi comedy adventure in which the lead character just so happens to be a football manager, so it’s been written for anyone to enjoy.”

A link to the book, with all the information, and the various pledge levels on offer can be found here. It also features a special launch video narrated by the actor Michael Sheen.

Discount for Uckfield News readers

• Unbound are offering a 10% discount offer for any Uckfield News readers who would like to pledge towards Scott’s book.

All you have to do is visit  choose your pledge, enter UCKFIELD10 at the checkout and you will get 10% off.

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