Streatfeild House, named after a family who used to own estates in Uckfield.

Why Uckfield has Streatfeild House but Streatfield Road

Many seek to correct this website’s spelling of Streatfeild House, on the corner of London Road and Southview Drive.

They believe we have made a mistake and the name of the former sheltered housing should be Streatfield House.

However, the ‘feild’ ending for the property on the edge of the Manor Park estate is correct while the name of a street – Streatfield Road – on the Rocks Park Estate is ‘wrong’, for a reason which we will come to.

Hark back

There are many roads and streets in Uckfield which hark back to former land use or prominent residents.

On Manor Park, there is Nevill Road, linking to the Nevill family who lived at the now demolished Uckfield House, which was not far from where the estate’s parade of shops now stands.

Nearby, Queen’s Approach, off Browns Lane, references visits made by The Queen to see the Nevill family in Uckfield.


Others names on the estate are more prosaic referencing the landscape or Sussex locations.

Nearby Hempstead Estate draws on the name of a former farmer (Knights Meadow) and crops grown long ago (Hopfield Gardens).

At the other end of town, Harlands is known to many as the ‘birdie’ estate because street names are drawn from ‘my big book of ornithology’.


In other locations, you will find other streets and roads that draw inspiration from previous land use or local people, such as part of Ridgewood where the pottery industry was once based.

The older parts of New Town have some echoes to the Boer War.

And so to Streatfeild House.

Streatfeild family

It takes its name from the Streatfeild family who lived at The Rocks and occupied a similar position in Uckfield society to the Nevills.

The Streatfeilds inherited estates in Uckfield in the 18th Century.

They owned a property known as The Rocks (or Rocks House at times and The Rocks Mansion).

It had large ornamental gardens.


After the family moved out of the property, The Rocks became a school  and in more recent times was converted to provide homes, seen through gates on the left-hand side on the ‘back road’ from Uckfield to Piltdown and Isfield.

The spelling of the family name is confirmed by historical records and guides of Uckfield from the 19th Century.

Brookers Guide, a local directory of the latter part of the century, notes: Streatfeild, Richard James Esq, The Rocks.

Handsome seat

“The Rocks is the handsome seat of Richard James, Streatfeild, Esq., J.P.

“On the estate is one of the completest collections of coniferous trees to be found in Great Britain.

“One of the lions of Uckfield is the very picturesque lake on the Rocks estate, surrounded with varied and luxurious foliage, and having on its margin caverns, natural and artificial, in the sand rocks which form so remarkable a feature of the locality.”


The name Streatfeild is found within Holy Cross Church and the churchyard.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the local authority when naming Streatfeild House 40 years ago chose the name of one the town’s most significant former figures.

It follows therefore, that the road on the Rocks housing estate at Uckfield should be spelt Streatfeild Road, referencing the family who lived for many years not many yards away.

Streatfield Road

However, the road signs say Streatfield Road.

The reason for the change, so it is said, is because people who moved to the newly built street were unhappy with the ‘correct’ spelling because no-one could ever get it right and petitioned for change.

As a result, it became Streatfield Road.

Streatfield Road sign

Streatfield Road – the spelling was changed at the request of residents.

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