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This week I am listing ten things I like about Uckfield.

In no particular order:

1. A great community spirit which we see time and again. Carnival, festival are great examples.

2. People who roll up their sleeves and get things done. The memorial to wartime airman Eugene Seghers is a great example as is the surgery car service and the foodbank.

3. People are generous. Look at how much the Bonfire society had to distribute and how quickly the Lions are raising money for their new minibus. It certainly is not a town with long pockets and short arms.

4. Having a “cottage” hospital that offers a wide-range of service saving us trips to Brighton or Eastbourne.

5. A shopping centre that ticks many boxes. Of course, we would all like to see improvements but it’s better than some I see on my travels where the word “dire” still doesn’t tell the whole story.

6. A sense that things “are getting better”. On the leisure front look at the improvements to the leisure centre, the new all-weather soccer pitch, the new tennis courts plus a good range of privately-run facilities in the town or thereabouts.

7. Good schools, so I’m told, as I am a bit beyond those days.

8. Great places to walk in the town and surrounding countryside.

9. A direct train service to London in about 80 minutes. I know, I use it – so please don’t shout at me about the rubbish days we have had this year. When it works, it works well. This is listed as an “advantage” and not in a negative way – great for work and theatre/concerts in the capital. A later last train home would help.

10. An improving eating out scene both in town and around.

It really is important that we keep this spirit alive and sing the praises of Uckfield whenever we can.

Sadly, I have seen elsewhere in Britain what happens when a town loses direction, spirit and projects totally the wrong image. It’s that place called Dire.

You, of course, may have a different list.

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