Where the money comes from to improve Uckfield

Uckfield town centre improvement works will be paid for by contributions from developers through legal agreements, often known as a “roof tax”.

The plans currently being considered have an initial budget of around £2.75m funded by contributions from existing developments in Uckfield.

This is based on contributions from a number of smaller developments and the three major developments that are already a considerable way through construction and occupation.

The three major developments and contributions are:

  • land north of Eastbourne Road (Cysleys Farm) (220 units): £2.212m;
  • land at Sandpits, Lewes Road (61 units): £305,000;
  • land at Park Farm, Maresfield: (80 units) £240,000; and
  •  small developments £50,000

The county council report said: “The other major development Mallard Drive (146 units) has not yet commenced and shows no signs of implementation in the short term. When Mallard Drive is implemented, a further £1.46m will be available to mitigate the impact of the additional traffic on the town centre.

Stage 2 of the town centre improvements, which would not be constructed for eight to ten years at the earliest, could include a new southern road leading from  the Tesco roundabout southwards and connecting back to the High Street at Framfield Road with a bridge over the former railway track bed to enable future reinstatement of the Lewes – Uckfield rail line to take place.

In addition, the county council will consider some other suggestions put forward by respondents. They include:

  • Tesco’s roundabout improvements
  • Additional bus services
  • Creation of cycle routes to/from the town centre
  • 20mph zone for town centre
  • Waitrose car park access improvements
  • Pedestrian crossing in Church Street

In conclusion the county council said: “The results showed that overall the schemes put forward at the consultation exhibition were well received, subject to appropriate design refinements as identified from the consultation responses.

“However, they also show that additional measures to address town centre congestion are considered necessary by respondents. Therefore, the county council will incorporate these additional measures into the Stage 1 package of schemes but recognise that a phased approach to delivery over a number of years will be required for the Stage 1 works as only £2.75m of the total circa £4m is currently available.”

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