Where is the parking enforcement in Uckfield?

Comment by Observer

Enforcement seems to be the word on many people’s lips in Uckfield at the moment.

To be strictly accurate, people are talking about the lack of enforcement of on-the-road parking restrictions.

There seems to be very much a “free-for-all” with parking rules flouted all over the town and at all times of the day and night.

Double yellow lines seem to be no deterrent to people wanting to “save their legs” and park right outside the bank (Lloyds in particular) or the takeaways at the upper end of the High Street.

To compound the problems, motorists and van drivers also seem quite prepared to park half-on and half-off the pavement; or in some cases totally on the pavement.

The justification for parking on the pavement seems to be to allow traffic to pass; never mind the disabled person in a wheelchair or a motorised scooter; or the mum with a pram and a toddler.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in this column that the contentious High Street parking issue needed a good old British compromise and enforcement of any regulations. In fact, we need enforcement throughout the town.

For Sussex Police such issues seem low on the list of priorities. They occasionally will have a blitz and put out some comments on social media as to what they have done.

What the people of Uckfield are looking for is persistence and consistency; not a haphazard approach.

Do you groan, like I do, when you see police cars just cruise past illegally parked vehicles?

I don’t blame the officers themselves.

What is needed is a change of direction from the top. The top is Katy Bourne, the elected police and crime commissioner (PCC)

A concerted effort is needed from the local authorities, chamber of commerce and individuals to persuade the PCC that parking enforcement is a priority in Uckfield.

The PCC’s website has a section called Your Voice Counts. People can use the online form to comment and give feedback. Over to you.

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