Where have Uckfield litter bins gone?

Where have all the litter bins gone from the southern end of Uckfield High Street? asks Uckfield News reader Bill Tipping.

Bill says in an email to UckfieldNews.com: “The litter bins have disappeared from:

  • outside the old Blockbusters shop next to Bridge Cottage (litter hot spot),
  • outside the Mojava cafe on the corner of the road leading to Waitrose car park (a litter hot spot from the newsagents),
  • outside Waitrose and outside Bladez barbers.

“Haven’t the responsible town councillors noticed this? I reported it to the town council office today but my news was met with apathy.

“We now have no rubbish bins at all in this southern part of town and I am getting fed up of picking the large amount of litter up every day.”

If you would like to respond to Bill’s query or, if you have litter concerns of your own, please email cathy@uckfieldnews.com.

More comments from Uckfield News readers:

Becky Gillett says on the Uckfield News Facebook page: I was sat on the bench by peacocks with 4 kids all enjoying a cake and just expected a bin there, nope its gone.

Madeleine Judge says: Good question.

Max Wilson says: Ah I wondered this the other day when I had a banana skin to get rid of, ended up using the one along Hempstead Road on my way home. It wasn’t until I got to the bin I realised I hadn’t seen one at all on my walk through town.

Duncan Bennett, Uckfield Deputy Mayor, says: I understood that the bins in the lower High Street would be reinstated following completion of works. However, the Town Council are already generally aware of the dwindling number of litter bins throughout the town, which their statutory provider, Wealden District Council, have reduced in a bid to save costs.

We are also aware that this is not a satisfactory situation for the residents of our town and, indeed, many of us made this subject an issue during last year’s election campaign.

Further to that, the town council now has a Services Working Group undertaking investigations as to how it might be possible for the Town Council to pick up on some of the tasks that the higher authorities have axed, but are still regarded as beneficial by the community.

The Town Council will report the findings and proposed actions as soon as they are established by the working group and approved by the council.

I hope this is helpful.

Former town councillor Jeremy Hallett says in an email to Uckfield News: When I was on the council we were told that the High Street works were to see uniform street furniture so I hope that the bins will reappear. Why they can’t fit them now? Could be that they get a lower price by buying and installing a larger number in one go. Whether that’s the right option depends on people’s behaviour in the meantime.

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