Where do these councils think we are getting our money from?

Owen Hoy, a great campaigner on the Fernley Park Estate, Uckfield, pulls no punches in sharing his views on town-wide matters here.

Dogged determination has ensured the issues Owen cares about have been resolved on his home estate and now he is outspoken on plans for council tax increases from Uckfield and Wealden councils and on some of the views of our occasional columnist Newcomer.

Owen says:

“I am appalled that like Uckfield Town Council, Wealden District Council are considering an increase in council taxes once more for years 2018/2019.

“For what? Services are going from bad to worse and Wealden are wasting money on a daily basis, what with allowance and salary increases for councillors and officers and the over £12 million of public money wasted on the purchase of the Vicarage Fields Shopping Centre at Hailsham.

“It is a complete and utter disgrace. Where do these councils think we are all getting our money from as pay increases nowadays are non-existent.”

Uckfield Newcomer lives on fantasy island

“To say that I’m speechless is an understatement.

“The majority of the time “THE UCKFIELD OBSERVER” speaks a great deal of sense and has my full support but “THE UCKFIELD NEWCOMER” quite frankly is living on fantasy island.


Whilst in theory this may be a good idea, the prospect of seeing hundreds of solar panels on rooftops just fills me with dread. They are unsightly and a blot on the landscape and would ruin the beauty of Uckfield and the surrounding East Sussex countryside. In other words no thanks.


This store is fine where it is. Moving it to a more rural location on the outskirts of the town nearer to the A22 is absolutely ludicrous. What about the older generation who perhaps cannot drive anymore and individuals who do not drive full stop? How does he/she expect these people to reach a larger out of town store? Moving Tesco would also have an adverse affect on the smaller shops in the High Street as there would be no need for shoppers to visit Uckfield if grocery shopping was done elsewhere.


This is not London or for that matter another large British city or town. Because of Uckfield’s rural location the roads in and around our town are far too narrow and dangerous. We have too many fatalities in our surrounding areas already.


Two ways in and out of this industrial estate is all that we need. Making a third entrance/exit in the middle would create a further hazard along the main road to and from the TESCO roundabout causing other problems and delays. Whilst one at each end does sometimes cause issues at busy times of the day at least they are safe and locals driving this route on a daily basis know what to expect.


Yes it is underused but that is because of the daily charges levied by Network Rail. They are not going to change their views or the operation of this particular car park as they are uniform around the country as a whole.


Don’t make me laugh. As previously stated this is not a large city or town and installing charging points is neither cost effective or viable. This is the countryside where people need to be able to get from A-B without having to stop and charge their vehicle in the middle of nowhere.

With the greatest of respect to the suggestions made by the “NEWCOMER” I would suggest that he/she lives here a little longer before passing their views onto our community as nothing suggested to date is practical.

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