When you can’t get a lolly from an ice cream van or park in a car park

Indepedent columnist Observer believes it might be the “silly season” when taking a look at some of this week’s news from Uckfield

Take some of the news coming out of Uckfield this week and it falls into the category of “you couldn’t make it up”.

What’s with the MP touring round in an ice cream van?

And how can you build a car park and then find you have problems with access ownership?

I will give Nus Ghani full marks for her high-profile way of letting people know she was in town.

You cannot accuse her of hiding from the electorate. Far too often our elected leaders get remote from the people and get ideas above their station.

Also, she is doing what she said she would do. In her maiden speech in the House of Commons she vowed to follow the advice of Winnie the Pooh when he said that “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

The Network Rail car park business is really strange.

You would have thought that the access road would have been sorted out from the off. Actually, I cannot believe the councils and Network Rail didn’t think it was all OK before they embarked on the work.

It strikes me as if something has “cropped up” in recent weeks to change what they believed was a settled picture.

News that pub company and brewery Greene King is involved makes me believe it must be something to do with the Station pub.

We know that the pub has flooded in the past so drainage must be a concern, especially when a new access road is going in.

At times of cloudbursts water hurtles down the hill and Greene King will naturally be keen to protect its property.

My other thought, is what about deliveries to the pub? Is there space for the dray to get off the main road?

My friend in the Dog and Duck who knows everything about Uckfield, and then some, was in a waggish mood when he suggested a herd of albino elephants was in residence on the car park.

UCTC: More great results in the GCSEs. Congratulations all round. A school to be proud of.

ATOMIC BOMB: The most moving story I read this week was the account by Buxted man Arthur Razzell of the aftermath of the A-bombs dropping on Japan. What must it have been like to have seen such devastation up close?

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