Wealden MP Nus Ghani secures sharia courts review

Nus Ghani MP has secured a review into the spread of sharia courts in the UK, following a question she asked of the Home Secretary during a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee.


Wealden MP Nus Ghani.

Recent reports suggest that there are approximately 30 sharia courts in the UK, and last week 150 women’s organisations urged the Government to place an outright ban on courts seeking to uphold Islamic law, according to a press release from the MP.

Highlighting the fact that sharia courts do not hand down rulings in line with British law, and that one of their main aims is often to restrict the rights of women and children, Ms Ghani asked: “Our rule of law trumps any pop-up sharia court: what can we do about them?”


Home secretary Theresa May.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, who was making a regular appearance before the Committee, agreed with Ms Ghani that there is one rule of law in the UK, which is that set by Parliament. She went on to say: “I am very aware that there is concern about how sharia courts are operating in some circumstances in the UK. That is why we will be doing a review.”

Ms Ghani commented: “Sharia courts are damaging and harmful institutions which very often contravene British law in their rulings. They are particularly harmful to women and children. I am pleased that the Home Secretary has recognised this, and look forward to further details about the review.”

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