Warmth and sunshine make a difference to Uckfield garden

March brought with it a bit more warmth and sunshine which has been beneficial for the garden, writes the Uckfield News anonymous gardener.

gardening march 2

Holly branches have been trimmed to let more light into the garden.

The holly bush mentioned in January’s column has finally been taken out. It was a long and difficult process but eventually we were able to undermine the bush by chopping through the roots.

In the end a saw and axe had to be used to finish off the job. With the bush gone it has opened up that corner of the garden leaving more room for colourful flowers.

There were also holly branches growing over the fence so they were trimmed which allows a lot more light into the garden. See picture.

This month also saw the first cut of the lawn since the winter. The lawn at the front of the property has caused many problems as there are patches where the grass simply refuses to grow.

This month’s attempt to make the grass grow has seen more seed go down and then netting placed on top to stop birds from eating the seed.

The lawn was then given a good watering so hopefully the grass will be encouraged to grow.

gardening march 7

Time to dead head this daffodil

Now spring is well under way the flowers are blooming and looking great. See pictures of the tulips, daffodils and pansies. It’s always important to dead head the daffodils so that they don’t go to seed.

Also the forsythia which was beginning to bloom in January is now in full bloom and bringing lots of colour to the garden.

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