A newly planted senetti is flourishing with lots more buds ready to open.

Warmer weather and occasional rain bring out the best in Uckfield garden

Warmer weather and occasional rain has brought out the best of the garden in the last month, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

One of the jobs was to remove leaves from rose bushes with black spot. Black spot is caused by a fungus and if left untreated would cause all the leaves of a rose bush to fall off.

The leaves would then decompose into the soil, so transferring the fungus. There are multiple ways of getting rid of it, either by using sprays or just by removing the affected leaves by hand.


Black spot – this rose leaf and others like it are being removed so the fungus can’t spread.

This month saw wallflowers, planted many months ago, come out. Deer seem to particularly like wallflowers and last year last year they ate the plants before the flowers appeared. This year the flowers came out before the deer cottoned on and they don’t seem to be as interested in eating the actual flower.

Eagerly anticipated peonies are now in flower. My pictures show them going from bud to flower. Just click on one to scroll through them all.

A new addition was added to the garden in the form of a Senetti. See how it first looked and then how it really took off after being planted. It has the potential to produce hundreds of flowers which look incredible as the purple colour is so vibrant.

Elsewhere the snake’s head fritillary came and went. It has to be a favourite of mine due to the unusual petal pattern.


Snakes head fritillary has been and gone but was a delight while it lasted.

Here are more lovely sights in an Uckfield garden:

Looking for help in the garden? Try Vacher Gardens who have a listing in our Uckfield Directory where their contact details are available 24/7.

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Warmer weather and occasional rain bring out the best in Uckfield garden


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