Waremoss Group, Uckfield, plans to expand and create jobs

Jobs could be created if plans are approved to extend a warehouse on the Bellbrook Industrial Estate in Uckfield as the Waremoss Group expands.

Waremoss is an independent chain of retail pharmacies. One of its stores is Selby’s in Uckfield High Street.

A planning application says the proposal is to demolish a single-storey lean-to extension of 172 sq m and build a two-storey extension of 800 sq m.

The design and access statement says: “The development will have the advantage of increasing numbers of job opportunities within the local area.”

The extension would include a mezzanine and the ridge height would be 9.6m.

The statement says: “It is higher than the existing property which has a ridge height of 5.5m. The reason behind this is to increase the floor area to enable best use of the space for storage and packaging of product.”

It adds the height of the building is not untypical of other properties found on the industrial estate.

* Waremoss is also applying for permission to build a new warehouse on vacant land in Bolton Close. The floor area would be 162 sq m with 25% of the space used for ancillary retail/showroom space.

A planning application says the building would be stand-alone and designed to act as a marker at the end of Bolton Close.

“The building has been designed to enhance the street scene and the level of the design on the estate. The elevations fronting onto the road are fully glazed, the remaining elevations being profile metal cladding with matching roof cladding.”

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