Waiting for a cunning plan to enforce Uckfield High Street parking restrictions, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer casts his eyes up and down Uckfield High Street


So at last we know, there really is no short-term plan to enforce the time limit restrictions in the new parking bays in Uckfield High Street.

Sussex Police could not quite bring themselves to say it outright but that’s the only conclusion which can be drawn from the comment: “Sussex Police will prioritise those parking violations which adversely affect the vulnerable in our communities or which present a clear danger to other road users or pedestrians.”

So, keep out of the disabled bays, keep away from junctions, don’t park on the pavements and you will probably be OK – for now.

For the future, East Sussex County Council with the town council and district council is coming up with a plan – to be unveiled later in the year – on the future control of parking.

What can it be?

Decriminalised parking?

People tell us that you cannot have the local councils enforcing on-street parking (as they do in Lewes) unless there is pay parking in the off-street council car parks.

If that is true, that might signal the end of free parking in Uckfield – a move which would be very, very unpopular.

I don’t understand why you have to have pay car parks to decriminalise parking.

Give me a book of tickets and I could walk around Uckfield for ten hours a week and make the council a profit on my wages, NI, and other costs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same ten hours each week.

The rogue parkers would never know when it was safe or not.

Or is there another cunning plan? Watch this space.

Glad to see the High Street back to two-way but didn’t it strike you odd that in the following days there was only one lane southbound at the Bell Lane traffic lights, causing massive queues and long delays.

Was the road opened a week too soon?


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