The Vulcan XH558 in flight. Picture by Geoffrey Lee (

Vulcan expected to fly over Isfield on Sunday

Update on Saturday, October 10: The world’s last flying Vulcan bomber is expected to fly over Isfield at about 1.30pm tomorrow (Sunday, October 11) but that time could still change.

Lavender Line volunteers are planning to open a field next to the railway where people can park as they gather to watch the aeroplane which, if everything goes to plan, should fly directly overhead.

The volunteers say they have been assured by the Vulcan XH558 trust that she will be “nice and low” over the Weald to avoid commercial air traffic, so it should be quite a sight.

Lavender Line volunteers are planning to update timings on their Facebook page an hour before she is due to fly

Our original story: The world’s last flying Vulcan bomber is due to fly over Isfield on Sunday. And there’s great excitement at the Lavender Line where volunteers are expecting her to fly directly overhead.

They will be opening a field next to the railway where people who would like to look out for the iconic aeroplane can park and share the experience.

The Lavender Line Loco Department says on its Facebook page: “Of all the towns and villages, Isfield is lucky enough to be on the direct flight path of the Vulcan as she flies to and from Doncaster via London, Dover, Isfield, Dunsford, Farnborough, Bristol, Wales, and the Midlands.

“This will be the last opportunity to see the Vulcan in the skies over Southern England so why not pay a visit to the Lavender Line for what’s going to be a precious few seconds that I’m sure will stay with you for a lifetime.”

Flight times are due to be confirmed today but the Vulcan is expected to approach from the East and fly South West towards the West Country in the afternoon after 1pm.

The Lavender Line volunteers say opening up the field next to the railway should allow a “fantastic view of this beautiful aircraft as she flies past”.

They say that as Isfield is a low-lying area with few trees it makes the ideal vantage point.

“Like most things we cannot guarantee the pin-pointed route of the flight and there are make other factors to weigh in such as weather, aircraft checks and so on, but according to the official XH558 Vulcan website she is set to fly right over the railway.”

The Lavender Line is open from 8.30am for breakfasts and will be open all day for refreshments. There won’t be full length trips on the railway but shuttle trains will run at “a greatly reduced price”.

“Grab a tea/coffee or a bit of lunch at the Cinders Buffet whilst you wait for the world’s only Delta winged bomber as she makes her final flight above the Sussex skies.”

The route to be taken by the Vulcan can be seen plotted by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust on the Google map below and in more detail here.


The Vulcan to the Sky Trust says the XH558 landed from her last flight 100% serviceable and they have no reason to suspect any issues this weekend but a thorough ‘Before Flight Service’ would be conducted by the ground team each morning.

The Vulcan will be touring the north of the country tomorrow, Saturday, before following the southern route on Sunday.

“The forecast weather is so far looking favourable, with a High Pressure system expected to be sitting in the west, which will hopefully bring settled weather over the whole weekend.

“Should either factor be against us, we will obviously review the situation, and if, possible, plan to fly other sectors over another weekend later this month.”

All updates will be posted on the Trust’s social media pages. Links here: Twitter and Facebook.

• Contact details for the Lavender Line can be found 24/7 in our Uckfield Directory. Look for the name or search in categories for Railways or Visitor Attractions.

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