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Campaigners supporting on-street parking in Uckfield High Street scored a decisive victory in Thursday’s parish poll.

It is a result the town centre regeneration group must take notice of, although one suspects they were hearing the message loud and clear before the polls opened.

I made my views on the subject clear some weeks ago and they have not changed.

A compromise which widens pavement pinch points, improves road safety and retains as many parking spaces as possible would, I think, be a good solution.

I have seen many comments from those living in villages around Uckfield about their inability to cast a vote in Thursday’s poll.

There is no legal mechanism for them to have had a vote in the Uckfield poll. It is the council taxpayers of the town who will pay the bill for the “referendum”. Having said that, it will not have broken the bank as prudent authorities, such as Uckfield, have “rainy day funds” in reserve.

Village people can call a similar vote in their own parish.

It appears to be a simple process to call a parish poll. As I read it, all it takes is for six electors to request a parish meeting and then, only 10 people to vote in favour at the parish meeting for a poll to be held.

They are trifling numbers when considering the populations of our villages.

If you live in a nearby village, feel strongly and have ten other like-minded electors, you can get the process under way. I am sure those in Uckfield who co-ordinated the No campaign will be pleased to offer help and advice.

Electors in those villages should consider whether they think it is necessary for a poll to put more pressure on the authorities. If they think it is necessary, their democratic rights are clear.

Of course, each parish council will have to fund its own poll. Maybe any referendum could be timed to coincide with the May polling day when the General Election takes places, as well as voting for seats on the district and parish councils. It would perhaps cut the cost.

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