The Victoria Pavilion.

Victoria Ground toilets to remain locked after staffing hours

Uckfield Town Council is to abandon its efforts to keep public toilets at the Victoria Pavilion open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The council installed coin-operated doors in 2017 so that the toilets could be kept open outside staffed hours but vandalism led to them being locked again after hours from December 2018.

Coin mechanism

Councillors were told in a report for Monday night’s general purposes committee that the coin mechanism is not working effectively on one of the doors and cannot be repaired or replaced like for like due to the parts no longer being manufactured.

The report said: “To replace the full door with a coin operated opening mechanism would cost in the region of £1,500. A long-term solution is required. There is a risk that the second door may also experience issues in the near future.”


Cllr Diane Ward, Independent, Uckfield West Ward, proposed making the change away from coin-operated doors saying they weren’t taking a great deal of money from them.

She also proposed keeping the toilets locked after staff hours. “This is not something I want to do, I wanted people to be able to use them when the staff weren’t about. Unfortunately we don’t have a bottomless pot of money to keep spending on fixing them for that very small minority of people who keep damaging them.”


Councillors voted in favour of her proposals.

Town clerk Holly Goring told the committee that the coin-operated doors raised £59.50 of income in 2018-19.


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