Land of Hope and Glory at the VEDay70 event at the Victoria Pleasure Ground, Uckfield

VEday70 events again show Uckfield at its best – Observer

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Uckfield does “set-piece” events really well for what is a small town.

There’s no doubt it “punches above its weight”.

Uckfield Carnival, the Festival Parade are notable on the calendar but “one-offs”  turn up trumps to.

Last year it was the opening of the memorial to  Spitfire pilot Flt Lt Eugene Seghers who died above Ridgewood tackling a V-1 flying bomb in 1944.

Yesterday, the 70th anniversary of VE Day was properly marked in a fit and proper manner.

It was important to have the silence. We must never forget so many did not return from the war and their loss will have been felt even more keenly on the declaration of peace in Europe.

VEDay was, of course, not the end of the fighting in World War Two. That did not come until August with the Japanese surrender in the Far East.

The party at the Victoria Pleasure Ground and fiery beacon, fireworks and plenty of nostalgia was a good event, bringing together all sorts of people to put on the event.

I saw a few of the re-enactors who went to the cinema for the special screening. They looked fabulous and added a bit of fund to the proceedings. Well done to them and to those who dressed for the occasions. See more here

Gossip is that some towns did not mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day at all. How sad.

It all goes back to what I have talked about in this column before.

Uckfield is a community: a real community that makes it a pleasure to live here.

One sincerely hopes that it does not get lost as the town expands further.

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