Vandals smash windows in spate of attacks in villages near Uckfield

Vandals smashed windows in a spate of attacks last night in Isfield, Ringmer, Barcombe, Newick and Piltdown.laughing_fish_2

Andy Brooks, landlord of The Laughing Fish at Isfield, said the pub was closed and he and his wife Linda were watching television in an upstairs front room when there was a loud crash and a window broke scattering glass into the room. They heard a car driving off.

Initially they thought the three inch hole was was caused by an air rifle but the police who responded to a call from the couple found a pebble. “It had clearly been catapulted through the window,” said Andy.

The incident happened at about 11.45pm and the police arrived at about 12.30pm.

Andy said the police told him there had been similar reports from Ringmer and Barcombe and he understood there were further incidents in Newick.

“It was stupid, mindless vandalism and in the cold light of day I can see it was petty crime which will probably not be solved but it was quite frightening for my wife Linda who was minding her own business when there was a loud bang at the window and glass all over the floor.”

Andy added: “As with all these things, people carrying out mindless acts of vandalism rarely think through what could potentially happen. If that had come through the window and hit somebody on the head at force it could have killed them.”

• Robert White, Piltdown Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator said the vandalism continued in Piltdown with The Peacock Inn being targeted and two incidents in Sharpsbridge Lane, including a car window being smashed.

The police were contacted but there was no response.

• Sussex Police ask that anyone with information about the attacks contact them quoting serial 1409 of 03/12.

They said that in addition to the one at the Laughing Fish at 11.45pm on Sunday night there was another at a property on the A26 outside Lewes at around the same time. A window was broken there and a stone found inside.

Another report was received by the police at 8.45am yesterday (Monday) on the A275 outside Lewes.

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