Utility firms’ failed resurfacing is causing potholes, says Observer

Potholes and how parking can be controlled in Uckfield are Observer’s topics for comment this week.


Driving around Uckfield in recent days it dawned on me that many of the potholes are associated with where utility companies have previously dug up the road.

It seems that in many cases the re-surfacing after the works is failing and is breaking up.

That led me to question: who pays for the repairs to the repairs and who triggers the process for getting the work done?


We know East Sussex County Council is struggling with its finances and doesn’t (like most highway authorities) have enough money to keep the roads and pavements in tip-top condition.

If the cost falls on the council, that seems wrong.

Surely, the organisation that did the digging in the first place should be responsible.

The road would not be falling apart if these works were not done.

Yes, I know the works are necessary in the first place, but if it is the utility company’s responsibility, they need to get on and patch the holes or put some money in the council’s coffers.

Of have they paid in advance, and the work’s not being done?

 Civil Parking Enforcement

No surprise, the Wealden Cabinet went along with the Leader’s plan and ditched civil parking enforcement in the district.

Now the focus will turn back, as far as we are concerned, on Uckfield Town Council.

Yet again the higher authority looks like passing the buck down the food chain.

Community warden

Wealden would like to see the law changed to allow community wardens to enforce on-street parking offences.

Who employs the community warden? Yes, you guessed it – town and parish councils.

Last time Uckfield Town Council discussed the matter they wanted to know what powers the warden would have when it came to enforcement.


They should not entertain the idea unless the community warden can dish out parking tickets for over-staying time limits, parking on double yellow lines, parking on pavements.

The council would hit the jackpot if it was allowed to keep the revenue from the fines, the way rules are flouted at the moment.

If that happened, with parking breaches rife in Uckfield, council tax could be cut in half while still providing more services for residents.

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