'Urban highway' concerns at Maresfield

An “urban highway” has been created in Maresfield by the way roads in the village have been white-lined, villagers say.

Concerns at the work carried out by the county council were raised at a meeting of the parish council.

Cllr Ken Ogden reported he had received many complaints. The white lining along School Hill was noted as an especially heavily painted zone, causing the entrance of the village to look like an “urban highway”.

Cllr Ogden is to talk to county councillor Tony Reid about the work.

The meeting elected Roger Street as chairman of Maresfield Parish Council. He succeeds William King, who has stood down from the council.

In his acceptance speech, Cllr Street raised concerns over the depleted numbers of new councillors this term, and recognised the necessity in working together to find members of the community to fill the vacancies.

Cllr Street hoped a younger member of the council would “confidently embrace the role of chairman in the near future”.

Cllr Mrs Grace Brady was elected vice-chairman.

Pictured below, School Hill, Maresfield.


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