The Link to Hope charity says this little girl posing happily with her shoebox gift has a caring and very loving mother, but that she is sadly both deaf and mute, so is unable to earn a living and properly provide for her children. The children lived with her in terrible conditions in a slum and went around in the sub zero conditions barefoot much of the time.

Universal Dance sets up shoebox appeal donation station in Maresfield

Universal Dance is setting up a Christmas shoebox appeal donation station in Maresfield on Friday, November 4).

People who would like to help families and older people in need in Eastern Europe are invited to bring their donations to Maresfield Village Hall on Friday, between 3.30 and 7pm.universal_dance_logo

The dance school is encouraging people to take the Link to Hope £10 Shoebox Challenge which is to put together a well-packed and heavy shoebox for the least money you can.

The Link to Hope charity has found the following items to give you an idea of what can be collected for less than £10: toothpaste 25p, toothbrush 18p, woolly hat £1, combs £1, socks 50p, bubbles 24p, tennis ball, 25p, razors 30p, colouring book 50p, screwdriver 90p, colouring pencils 90p, toy car 25p, shower gel  40p, calculator 75p, sewing kit £1, toffees 66p, chocolate 30p, flannel/sponge 30p, soap 15p.

You can see where all the items were found on the Link to Hope Charity website here.

All the donations taken to Maresfield Village Hall on Friday will be delivered to an area collection point by Universal Dance founder and artistic director Lindsay Willis after dance classes that day.

• Contact details for Universal Dance can be found 24/7 in our Uckfield Directory. Look for the name or search in categories for Dance or Children’s Activities.

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