Under-used Luxford Field needs a plan for the future, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer says the Luxford Field is an under-used asset that needs a proper plan so more people enjoy the open space. There are also comments about the low take-up in the latest survey on the town centre, late-night shoppping and those yellow lines.

Great play is always made of the Luxford Field any time redevelopment of the town centre is talked about.

The embryo plan that has been on the table for nearly a decade says the current area – if not exactly as configured now – should be retained.

I can see why people are attached to the open space but The Luxford Field is a really under-used asset right in the centre of the town.

4th Uckfield Scout Group's Fiesta Day on the Luxford Field in 2014

4th Uckfield Scout Group’s Fiesta Day on the Luxford Field in 2014

On the plus side, it is home to a youth shelter, and is the location for the festival big day, the Lions and Scouts annual fetes and a church event.

They are the only regular community uses I can think of.

The use by commercial organisations such as the funfair might bring the town council a bob or two but in wet years it makes a mess of the field for months afterwards.

The football team that once played on its strangely sloping pitch were given the boot a long time back.

I am all for retaining an area where the town groups can set up their fetes, fairs and festivals but really in any new incarnation, more must be made of this area.

The Luxford Field is under-used.

Does the town council have a plan to improve the Luxford Field and see it used by more townspeople?

Town centre redevelopment

Good news: 80 per cent of people taking part in a survey are in favour of the town centre redevelopment proposals.

Bad news: Only 340 people took part in a town with a population of around 15,000 and not all the respondents came from Uckfield. That’s an appalling response by Uckfieldians.

I’ve said before in this column that townspeople must engage with the councils when they launch consultations.

If you did not take part, do not be surprised if your view is not taken into account when the final masterplan is drawn up.

Late-night shoping hit and miss

HIT: Late-night shopping last Friday (December 4) was a big success. The event is now so big that the road probably needs to be closed in future years.

At least the wider pavements the roadworks will give us will come in handy.

MISS: Looks like people “spent up” on Friday night and day two of the shopping weekend was nowhere near as successful.

Of course, the weather was bad but there’s only so much time and money in most families.

Double yellow lines

What we have learned this week.

The double yellow lines and parking restrictions in Uckfield are of no more use than a chocolate fireguard.

It looks as if the councils are struggling to guarantee enforcement of the new 30-minute High Street limit which will come in when the works are done.

At the moment, people are once again parking for as long as they like in the High Street, depriving shoppers of handy spaces, which the town campaigned so strongly for, and shops of potential business.

People see parking as an important issued. Time for Katy Bourne, the police and crime commissioner for Sussex, to be lobbied by our politicians.

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