UCTC celebrates exam records

Uckfield Community Technology College has photographed some of its most successful students in what has been a record-breaking year for GCSE results. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

An Uckfield Community Technology College photograph of some of its most successful GCSE students in a record-breaking year.

An Uckfield Community Technology College photograph of some of its most successful GCSE students in a record-breaking year.

Principal Hugh Hennebry said even against a background of more challenging marking and a national decline in results college students had performed impressively with:

  • 84% of those grades being awarded at grades A*-C (best ever results)
  • 70.2% of students gaining five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English and Maths (equalling last year’s record)
  • 52% of those grades being awarded at grades A*-B (best ever results)
  • 24% of students gaining five or more A*-A grades (an increase on last year’s results and higher than the national average)
  • 55% of students gained at least one A*-A.
  • English Baccalaureate (students have to achieve a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects – English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language) – 30%.

Mr Hennebry gave a particular mention to students who achieved five or more A*/As at GCSE. They are listed below but not all the GCSE results are given for each student:

Jennifer Fletcher 10A*, 2A
Charlotte Heath 9A*, 3A
Jed Mills 9A*, 3A
Sarah Tebbutt 9A*, 3A
Emily May 7A*, 5A
Harriet Gilman 7A*, 4A
Tom Taylor 6A*, 5A
Elena Stafford 6A*, 5A
Sophia Skinner 2A*, 9A
Clare Baker 2A*, 9A
Owain Groves 2A*, 9A
Leonie Mathiot 6A*, 4A
Polly Smith 5A*, 5A
Chester Broad 5A*, 5A
Bryony-Rose Ridley 5A*, 5A
Owen Mudford 4A*, 6A
Nicholas Cornish 3A*, 7A
Elliot Gray 1A*, 9A
Katie Hills 10A
Rafe Hunt-Stokes 8A*, 1A
Ellie Wickham 7A*, 2A
Hannah Sheridan 5A*, 4A
Jennifer Baker 2A*, 7A
Elspeth Gamble 1A*, 8A
Alexander Barnes 1A*, 8A
Will Golden 6A*, 2A
Jessica Hubbard 5A*, 3A
Charlotte Watson 4A*, 4A
Amy Marshall 3A*, 5A
George Read 2A*, 6A
Zoe Hancock 2A*, 6A
Jessica Baldock 1A*, 7A
Max Manss 8A
Millie Thurley 5A*, 2A
Bethany Aldis 4A*, 3A
Thomas Michaelson-Yeates 4A*, 3A
Abi Rennick 2A*, 5A
Sophie Warner 1A*, 6A
Holly Weatherill 7A
Saskia Oldham 3A*, 3A
Matthew Warren 1A*, 5A
Thomas Jepp 1A*, 5A
James Stannard 6A
Sam Espley 6A
Anna Roe 6A
Isabelle Cocklin 3A*, 2A
Zoe Greenwood 2A*, 3A
Hollie Kingshott 1A*, 4A
David Perry 1A*, 4A
Alexander Munro 5A
Aaron Smetham 5A
Eva Johnson 5A
Laura Manvell 5A
Abigail Winbolt 5A
Isabel Wright 5A

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