Sean Martin pours water into a pipe that leads straight to the roots of one of the new trees in Uckfield High Street.

Uckfield’s new trees are being well looked after

Uckfield’s new High Street trees will get plenty of care and attention over the next three years.

Father and son Barry and Sean Martin have been given the job of watering the trees twice a week for six months each year, from April to September.

They have been watering them since July this year when the trees were planted and will continue into October if the hot weather continues.


Barry Martin loads a container of water from a tank in his van ready to water one of the new trees in Uckfield High Street.

They take turns to water every Sunday and Thursday either early in the day at about 5.30am or in the evening around 8pm.

Each Field Maple, a slow-growing variety of tree, gets 50 litres of water a time, 100 litres a week, and the men say it is important that other people don’t water them too because they can be over-watered leading to root disease which will eventually kill off the tree.

The Martins have their own agricultural cleaning business APS, based in Fletching, and they both live locally, Barry in East Hoathly and Sean, a new dad of twins in The Drive, Uckfield.

When they water the trees they also check them for any signs of damage because they are guaranteed to be replaced if there are any problems with them over the next three years.

Barry said a pipe covered by a small grate leads straight to the root ball and they pour the water into the pipe and then over a porous surface around the tree.

Sean added: “We wanted to let the local community know that we have the contract to water the trees for the next three years so they know not to worry about them. The trees are in good hands.”

• Originally it was expected 20 trees would be planted in Uckfield High Street but only seven are currently in place. Tree pits beneath them are designed to help prevent flash flooding at the bottom of town during heavy rainfall. Read more about the tree pits here: Tree pit drainage system could help with Uckfield flash floods.

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