Uckfield's CCTV cameras are coming to end of their useful life

CCTV cameras in Uckfield town centre are coming to the end of their useful life. The town council, which pays for the maintenance, has been told the cameras are now considered “obsolete” and are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

All the cameras are working and, a report to councillors said, could continue to do so for a further four years.

If they break down, they would not be able to be repaired, said the report.

Members of the council’s environment and leisure committee are considering what to do next.

The report said: “To replace the cameras, currently two digital and three analogue, would cost £6,500 per analogue camera and £4,500 per digital camera.

“Should all five cameras be replaced at the same time the council would also be offered two years’ free maintenance inclusive of all parts and repairs. The life expectancy of the cameras would be ten years.

“New cameras could be installed with night vision, infra-red and would add approximately £200 per camera if ordered at the same time.

“Although technology is changing there would be no benefit in having HD cameras as our peripheral system would need to be fibre optic which would cost in excess of £1 million

“There is a current fund of £8,880 for CCTV replacement. The possibility of external funding would need to be explored. For example, it is understood that Tesco has a community fund which does support CCTV.”

Some councillors expressed concern that there was no contribution towards the cameras from Sussex Police with townspeople effectively “paying twice” through council tax payments to the police authority and the town council.

Councillors decided that before any decisions were made they wanted to see a report from the police detailing what use officers made of the cameras.

Earlier report on use of CCTV – Police use CCTVto identify problem youths

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