A suffragette clashes with a policeman as Uckfield turns back the clock to 1913 as part of the festival

Uckfield turns back clock to eve of World War 1

Uckfield turned back the clock 100 years on Saturday with a fair designed to capture the carefree spirit of the nation on the eve of the Great War.

Held on the Hempstead Lane playing field, the fair featured period games, rides, stalls, a Magic Lantern Show, brass band, camera obscura, short sketches, which included a period classroom scene, and an amateur theatre group rehearsing a play.

The scene was enlivened by a group of disruptive Suffragettes.

In the evening there was music hall entertainment in the Osborn Hall.

The event, part of Uckfield Festival, was designed to depict life in Britain 12 months before war changed it for ever.

Thanks to Ron Hill for the photographs.

School days 1913

School days . . . 2013 style

Dorothy Sparks at 1913 day

Festival chairman Dorothy Sparks under “arrest” from a modern-day PCSO and a 1913 copper.

Uckfield 2013

The way we were 

Refreshments at 2013 day

Pimm’s o’clock…even in 1913!

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