A happy Jamie Bedwell. The Uckfield triathlete has qualified for the British Championships and British Series.

Uckfield triathlete Jamie Bedwell qualifies for British Championships

Uckfield triathlete Jamie Bedwell qualified for the British Championships and the British Series when he took part in national trials in Loughborough over the weekend.

He was particularly pleased with the achievement because at one stage he had to fight hard to recover from an accident when he flew over his handlebars and flat onto his face after hitting the back of another rider’s pedal. That rider was able to carry on unaffected.


Jamie Bedwell fought hard to make up places lost after flying over his bike handlebars, flat on his face, after catching his front wheel on the pedal of another rider.

The trials were set up as a split triathlon, with the swim held in an 800m gala format on Saturday while the bike and run sections were held on Sunday with athletes released into the first transition in the position they finished in the swim.

The Uckfield triathlete got off to a great start on Saturday. He wanted to swim a new personal best of ten minutes for 800 metres and achieved 9.52 minutes which put him in a great position, 35th, for the Sunday.


Jamie Bedwell is pictured, centre, with triathlete colleagues.

He finished transition one inside the top 20 places having caught a number of athletes.

As he came into transition two, as part of a bunch in a very small space, his wheel hit the pedal of another rider and, as mentioned above, Jamie went flying over his handlebars and flat on his face.

He said: “I picked myself straight back up, grabbed my shoes and headed out for the 5km run, now a long way behind the pack I had previously been with.

“For the first half a lap I felt very sick and, I think, in a little bit of shock. I couldn’t find any rhythm to run and my legs felt very empty.

“At the time I just wanted to pull out. It would have been very easy to have done so and blamed it on the crash, but I kept going, focussing on trying to catch the athletes in front of me.”

Jamie found some rhythm and began to feel better but he was still a long distance behind everyone else.

“I knew I had to give it everything and spent the last lap catching athletes one by one. In a final sprint finish I managed to pull through in 13th position, making at least seven to eight positions on the final lap of the run.”

Jamie added: “I am extremely happy, not just with the final position but with the process and my mentality and ability to stick with it when the going got really tough and give it everything.”

Jamie is in his second year in the junior age category, 17-19-years-old, and the top 15 from each category are qualifying for the British Championships. This year those championships will also be a qualifier for the World Championships to be held in Mexico.

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