Uckfield traffic: long list of where work is needed, says Observer

The UckfieldNews.com independent columnist Observer makes a list of places where traffic improvements are needed in Uckfield.


It feels strange talking about traffic improvements in Uckfield so soon after millions of pounds were spent on the High Street.

Those arguments are done and dusted for the time being.

We must wait, allow things to settle down and then see what happens once there is a review.

The latest debate on traffic in the town was sparked by the town council, which is looking at putting money into having speed surveys done at four locations, plus considering places for minor works, if any “roof tax” money is left after the bus station is upgraded.

Here’s my list for what it’s worth and “hat tips” to those who posted on Facebook after this week’s stories on UckfieldNews.com


The whole stretch from the Budletts roundabout to Browns Lane, as indicated by Jonathan Smith’s Ringles Cross campaign;

Browns Lane itself and Nevill Road on the Manor Park Estate

The High Street (as Glen Dixon said on social media: WHEN does the 20mph come into force? You couldn’t tell there is a 20mph limit by the speed of traffic at many times of the day or evening)

Church Street

Eastbourne Road

Lewes Road

Framfield Road, unbelievable but true

The “back road” to Piltdown

The town council has four of these locations on its list for surveys, which should (I think) find the evidence needed for some action. Let’s hope the county highways department comes to the party.


  • Coming into town from the north, the staggered junction at Ringles Cross where London Road is joined by Snatts Road and Coopers Green Road
  • Roundabout at the junctions of Southview Drive and Browns Lane with London Road. Ridgewood has roundabouts in Lewes Road, so why is the much larger Manor Estate ignored?
  • Some more good ol’ zebra crossings – Framfield Road and London Road for starters

The town council also came up with this list, which I totally support

  • Bringing the filter light into use at the Framfield Road junction so southbound traffic can turn left when vehicles are emerging from Framfield Road
  • A pedestrian crossing on Manor Park near Tesco Express
  • A phasing of the Church Streets lights to make it easier for those turning right
  • Tackling speeding in a number of areas including Eastbourne Road and much of New Town
  • Removing grass verges in The Drive to provide dedicated parking spaces. 

Other places close to Uckfield have done well out of traffic calming, Maresfield was given chicanes but residents said ‘it’s not working’ so the village was given speed reduction (tables).

Halland has road narrowing and a safety camera.

Of course, money will be the problem in getting these ideas implemented but all power to our local councillors when they pour on the pressure to those making the decisions at county hall.

Uckfield is getting its share and probably more (if most residents had their way) of new houses.

That means the county council (which is the highways authority) will be getting more by way of taxes.

Time to spend some of the money where it is most needed.

Do head over to the UckfieldNews.com Facebook page and comment and add any more places to the list that you think should be there. Click here

Your comments:

Carolyn Hibbert says on the Uckfield News Facebook page: “I don’t believe that there is a speed limit sign as you go into town from Ridgewood so where does the 20 mph limit actually start? Also, it doesn’t matter what speed limit is set if there’s no-one enforcing it.”

Val Frost says: “We need more disabled parking spaces on the High Street, and they all need to be clearly marked up properly with yellow paint, like you have in the supermarket car parks, so that any non-blue badge holder is acutely aware they shouldn’t park in it. They also need to be wider and longer than the current two spaces at the bottom of the High Street.”

Brian Rider says: “Re. the 2 lanes at the Tesco roundabout in Bell Lane. If the inside lane was made into a supermarket-only lane and the outside lane made into ahead or right turn only the tail back at certain times in Bell Lane might be eleviated. I often sit behind a car or van at the roundabout trying to turn left to the supermarket but the car infront is blocked from going straight ahead because the roundabout is full.”

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