The Uckfield Town Council sign which directs motorists the wrong way round a roundabout.

Uckfield Town Council gives assurances that misleading road sign will be removed

HGV driver Ron Baker has been trying for six weeks without success to get a road sign removed from the Uckfield by-pass because it directs people the wrong way round a roundabout.

Now Uckfield Town Council has assured Uckfield News that the sign will be removed.

It was set up by one of their working groups, Uckfield – the Future, to encourage shoppers into the town centre and can be seen by motorists travelling along the by-pass, from the Maresfield end, into Bell Farm Lane but points them to turn right, the wrong way around the roundabout, instead of to the left.

Mr Baker first contacted the town council to get something done about the sign six weeks ago. He was told to contact East Sussex County Council and when nothing happened after his call he got in touch with Sussex Police.

He asked for permission to take the sign away or to destroy it but the police said he couldn’t do that because he didn’t own it.

When the sign remained in place he took matters into his own hands, pulled the banner up and laid it flat on the ground.


The misleading sign was laid flat by HGV driver Ron Baker but is back in place with reinforced supports.

He was horrified to see on driving past again that the sign was back in place with its supports reinforced.

Mr Baker, who drives his lorry from Medway to Lewes at 5am each morning, told Uckfield News: “This is so dangerous. A foreign driver could easily follow the directions on the sign and go the wrong way round the roundabout.”

He said he had done his best to resolve the matter and had run out of ideas and hoped Uckfield News would be able to help.

We checked the sign, which was indeed directing people the wrong way around the roundabout, and informed the Uckfield Town Council who immediately said they would get the banner removed.

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