Uckfield Town Council could pay for a PCSO

A dedicated Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for Uckfield could be paid for by the town’s council taxpayers.

Town councillors have put £31,000 for a PCSO into a draft budget for 2016/17.

Members of the environment and leisure committee also agreed the draft budget should contain:

  • £15,000 for an environmental warden;
  • £3,200 for the renewal and updating of interpretation boards at Boothland Wood and the two local nature reserves;
  • £4,000 to provide a hard-standing to the area in front of the goal/basketball loop at Hempstead Road play area; and
  • £30,000 for an extension to the skateboard park every year for four years.

The council’s budget process is at an early stage and will be reviewed by councillors on a number of occasions. Other committees will add to a wish list before a final bdget is approved by the full council. It means none of the items placed in the budget at this stage is guaranteed to go ahead.

Longer-term aspirations

The council also has a “Business Plan”, which sets out future aims and longer-term aspirations.

The environment and leisure committee agreed that provision of two speed activation signs should be included and a business case prepared for their installation, which would be considered by East Sussex County Council.

Eastbourne Road and Browns Lane were mentioned as possible sites for such signs.

Councillors also agreed to add to the business plan:

  • Promoting Uckfield as a market town and to encourage regular street markets;
  • Work with others to repair the paths in Twittens within the town;
  • Restore the bridge over the River Uck to its former glory by the re-installing lamps on the corners;
  • Continue dialogue with land owners about the possibility of having a riverside walk;
  • To look into the possibility of residents parking permits in Keld Avenue, Mill Drove, Alexandra Road and other areas close to the railway station;
  • Moving the Rev Edward Cardale memorial from the Victoria Pleasure Ground to a more central location, prior to considering any renovation works. The Rev Cardale was the first Rector of Uckfield. See story from 2010 here

The Rev Edward Cardale memorial at the Victoria Pleasure Ground could be moved to the town centre.

The Rev Edward Cardale memorial at the Victoria Pleasure Ground

The Rev Edward Cardale memorial at the Victoria Pleasure Ground

The committee’s services working group has been looking at ways where services provided by Wealden District or East Sussex County councils could be delivered locally by the town.

It was agreed to open discussions with neighbouring parish councils about grass cutting and other services which could be devolved from principal authorities.

The committee was told Wealden council was in the process of reducing the number of litter bins.

Members said this was opposite to what townspeople wanted and agreed to investigate the cost of the council providing bins in selected locations and the cost of rubbish collection. Brighter Uckfield is to be asked to provide a list of potential sites for additional bins.

The committee was also told that there was a mystery over what had happened to a litter bin that used to be outside the former Blockbusters store.

It was not known if it had been removed by Wealden or had suffered another fate.

If you know what has happened to the bin, please email paul@uckfieldnews.com

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