The Luxford Field, Uckfield, part of the town centre which could be involved in a major redevelopment

Uckfield town centre redevelopment moves forward

Formal agreements are being put in place by local authorities to try and kick-start a major town centre redevelopment in Uckfield. has already revealed that new shops in Uckfield, as part of a town centre scheme, could total around 10,000 sq metres and include a new supermarket.

In terms of a small market town this is a very big development.

The scheme would also include public and recreational space.

Land for the possible development area would be to the west of the High Street and is in the ownership of public authorities – Uckfield Town Council, Wealden District Council, East Sussex County Council and East Sussex Fire and Rescue.

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Uckfield town councillors have agreed to the formation of a town centre joint committee between themselves, and Wealden and East Sussex councils to drive the plan forward.

Cllr Mick Harker told the council: “We should be in a position to go out and select a developer and move this project forward.”

Cllr John Carvey, a former town mayor, said: “We are going to have a really super town and it is going to be a shining example to the rest of the county and probably to the rest of the country too.”

To try and give a picture of how big 10,000 sq metres of shopping space is:

  • 10,000 sq metres is about 107,000 sq ft
  • Tesco’s in Uckfield (including all the space not seen by shoppers) is 45,000 sq ft
  • The former Blockbuster in Uckfield is 2,000 sq ft
  • The trampoline centre on the Bellbrook Business Park is 13,000 sq ft
  • The Orchards shopping centre at Haywards Heath is 120,000 sq ft – including the mall area

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