Uckfield surgery development – ‘clarity’ over road switch

Doctors hoping to change the planning permission conditions to build a new surgery at Uckfield have passed an important hurdle.

Town councillors this week decided not to oppose the application to allow building work to start before the access road was completed.

The town’s planning committee received a statement from Wealden District Council “clarifying” the proposal from the Meads surgery, which currently operates from cramped premises in Grange Road.

The surgery is planning to develop new premises off Bell Lane, between the Rocks Park and West Park housing estates.

The district council’s statement said: “The application is to provide an access as approved in the permitted position, through the earth-bund with a right-hand lane, off Bell Lane into the new road.

“Original planning permission required the top finish of the road, including lights; lining etc. The application is to provide a base core level road only at this moment in time.

“They are asking that the road is finished with a top layer, lights lining etc. at the same time as the car park is laid to prevent damage caused by construction vehicles.

“No other route is being suggested.”

Residents from West Park have opposed the changes to the previously granted planning permission. They feared the surgery would be built and that the access road would never be completed. They also feared construction traffic would use the estate roads to access the building site.

Town councillors agreed to support the change of conditions with the following conditions:

(1) No development should take place until the car park area base is put in place for construction vehicles and workers;

(2) Construction vehicles and vehicles belonging to the site workforce should be forbidden from accessing/parking in, any of the residential areas in West Park;

(3) The access road should be fully adopted by East Sussex County Council before occupation of the building.

The town clerk will also write to Wealden District Council regarding the lack of clarity in the application’s proposal and the subsequent confusion caused by this.

The committee would have liked Wealden to have addressed this issue with the applicant prior to forwarding the application to Uckfield Town Council for its consideration.


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