Uckfield shopping tips for October

Lots of new stock is arriving in Uckfield shops with Halloween featuring large and even signs of Christmas appearing. There’s plenty to browse and buy … just allow yourself to be tempted.

Halloween at Something for Everyone

Halloween has crept into Something for Everyone and there’s a scary section showing all the goodies you could buy to frighten your friends and family.

Creepy costumes, massive spiders, witches fingers, and gruesome masks, are among the items for sale … if you dare walk down those darkened isles.

Creepy isles for Halloween at Something for Everyone.

If not there’s plenty more new stock to browse including a range of baskets in a variety of sizes and for different purposes, whether that’s storing wood for a fire or to collect your laundry in.

A new range of baskets at Something for Everyone.

There’s a bigger choice of sweets too given extra space and diaries are in for 2021, hopefully a better year than 2020.

An expanding range of sweets at Something for Everyone.

Josefina offers free collection and delivery service

Josefina, the furniture and home decor shop at the heart of Uckfield High Street is currently offering a free collection and delivery service.

While the business has its own joinery, making and painting bespoke pieces, it also offers a service painting customers’ own furniture, at its Piltdown workshop, and that is proving popular at the moment.

See before and after pictures below and one showing behind the scenes at the Piltdown workshop.

See the difference made when a chair is given the Josefina painting treatment.

New look for a bedhead and foot board.

Behind the scenes at the Piltdown workshop of Josefina.

If you have furniture needing a new look please contact Josefina owner Louise Beard on 01825 768200.

In the High Street shop new clothing has arrived including good quality jumpers which Louise says can be trusted as wardrobe staples, washing well between wears.

Josefina can now also be found on Instagram. See josefinashop where latest arrivals are featured.

Kettlebells at Final Score

Kettlebells as well as all you need for a return to winter sports, can be found at Final Score in Uckfield High Street.

The York kettlebell set is available for £25 and the accessories for winter sports include mouthguard, shin pads and hockey sticks.

New at Final Score, a York kettlebells set.

Accessories for winter sports at Final Score.

New scooters at PipeDreams

New scooters have arrived at PipeDreams – and the iconic Santa Cruz ‘screaming hand’ is back in stock – and skateboards are arriving too with more expected during the month.

Helmets and protective body sets are available too to keep youngsters safe as they scoot and skate.

New scooters and skateboards at PipeDreams.

Wet suits continue to be popular as more people take up wild swimming and want to keep up the sport during colder months.

Julie Hobbs who runs the business with her husband David says if you would like one don’t leave it too late because there is a shortage of them.

Winter clothing is beginning to arrive at the shop and fitness accessories are coming in too, such as yoga mats, swim hats and goggles, and gum shields.

Also new are Waboba Moon Balls, balls that bounce really high, up to 100 feet, and make a pop sound when they hit the pavement. They are £5.99 each.

A Waboba ball. They can bounce up to 100 feet and are for sale at PipeDreams.

New artwork at Diane Hutt Gallery

New artwork at the Diane Hutt Gallery includes prints and originals from Caroline Deighton who has produced some light-hearted landscape scenes.

Two of them can currently be seen in the shop window and the third inside.

Three new artworks from Caroline Deighton which can be seen at the Diane Hutt Gallery.

Also new are three scenes from Nick Potter, Spring Morning, Clearing Mists, and Sunshine in the Park.

Spring Morning, left, Clearing Mists, top right, and Sunshine in the Park, by Nick Potter.

And there’s a fun print from Doug Hyde, Overloaded with Love, see below.

Overloaded with Love, by Doug Hyde.

Halloween and Christmas pottery at Kilnwood Studio

Too early to think about Christmas? Definitely not if you would like to paint your own seasonal pottery. There are lovely pieces to choose at Kilnwood Studio including Santa plates, tea light holders, pretty houses, decorations, mugs, and Christmas trees.

There are even some special colours you can request if you would like to add sparkle to your creations.

Christmas pottery ready to be painted at Kilnwood Studio.

And there are many more pieces to choose from if you would like to paint your own gift for a special person and half term might be the ideal time to do it.

If you are gearing up for Halloween there is still time to paint your own pumpkins and lanterns. Glow in the dark paints are available too.

Don’t forget kits can be made up for you to collect, paint at home, and bring back in to be glazed and fired.

Or, also proving popular, are kits of foam clay, a modelling material made up of small beads. These don’t need to be fired, they dry in the air.

Pencil pots at Kilnwood Studio, all decorated using foam clay.

Read more on the Kilnwood Studio website. Make sure to book your table in advance of a visit.

Lamps and ceiling lights in sale at SG Home Interiors

New stock is arriving regularly at SG Home Interiors in Bell Farm Lane. This is a shop that opens up like a Tardis as you walk inside, stretching back into the building and upstairs too.

Furniture, especially sofas, kitchens and bathrooms, are their speciality but all around are unusual homeware accessories from lamps and ceiling lights – some of which are in a clearance sale this month – to rugs and ornaments.

See below some of the variety to be found as you explore the shop.

Just a small selection of the furniture and homeware to be found at SG Home Interiors.

Christmas fabrics arrive at Sew n Sew

A range of Christmas fabrics can now be found at Sew n Sew for your festive projects.

Christmas fabric at Sew n Sew

Also new is a selection of richly coloured African waxed fabric.

African waxed fabric at Sew n Sew.

Look out for the vast collection of wool too, there is bound to be something in there to tempt you to get out your knitting or crochet needles, and you can make quick progress if you choose chunky or Aran.

Plenty of choice of colours in Stylecraft Aran at Sew n Sew.

This Carnival Tweed is just one of the chunky wools available at Sew n Sew.

New men’s rings at W E Clark & Son

A new selection of rings in the Unique men’s range has arrived at W E Clark & Son. They come in titaniam, tungsten and stainless steel metals.

Look for a new style of leather bracelets in the range too.

New rings and leather bracelets in the Unique range for men at W E Clark & Son.

There’s now 35% off the remaining stock of Swatch watches at the jewellers. See below.

Swatch watches at W E Clark & Son – there’s 35% off them now.

It’s also worth noting that there is a large selection of opals in the store. Some can be seen below.

Opal jewellery at W E Clark & Son.

Normally W E Clark & Son would hold a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support in October but Coronavirus and a restriction in the number of people allowed to gather means that can’t go ahead.

Instead the shop will donate £1 to Macmillan each time they sell a battery this month.

Autumn colour at The Flower Shop

Autumn shades are filtering into the selection of flowers available at The Flower Shop. And they look very tempting, see below.

Autumn shades at The Flower Shop.

Carvills focusses on cosying up in cooler weather

With an Autumnal nip in the air Carvills is focusing on cosying up and winter stock is pouring in.

The soft, super cosy new Sophie Allport ‘Foxes’ bedlinen certainly falls into the cosy category.  The bedding set is lightly brushed after weaving, giving it a soft, velvety touch and extra warm feel and features Sophie’s copper-red foxes. 

Sophie Allports cosy Foxes design bedding.

A warming mug of hot chocolate is just what you need when snuggling up on a winter’s evening and Carvills new ‘cuddle’ mugs are ideal for the purpose.  These pretty stoneware mugs are proving popular and are available in three designs; Elephants, Bees and Dachshunds.  

One of the new ‘cuddle’ mugs at Carvills. Others designs include elephants and bees.

And for an extra toasty feel on a chilly night Carvills have fun hot water bottles, also a great way to help soothe any aches and pains.

Fun hot water bottles at Carvills.

For outdoors Carvills now a range of mid-season mid-weight scarves that are soft and made from REPREVE – where fibres are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste.

And for when the temperature really starts to drop, the sought-after Powder range of hats, scarves and gloves have just arrived.

Powder hats, scarves and gloves at Carvills.

Looking ahead the team is excited about a Christmas decoration which is not yet available in store but on its way. It is ‘Foxy, in green glasses bearing gifts’.

Here’s Foxy who will soon be arriving at Carvills. The team there are sure he will be a Christmas decoration favourite.

Clarins gift sets arrive at Kamsons

Clarins gift sets have arrived at Kamsons and there is a wide variety to choose from as you can see in our pictures below.

They include a start-up collection for men, sets focussing on lips or eyes, body tonics, scrubs, and lotions, shampoos, and products to for enhancing and brightening the skin.

Clarins gift sets at Kamsons Health and Beauty.

A variety of Christmas gifts are in a clearance sale at Kamsons at the moment with 50% off. As the shelves clear there are more to be added to the display.

Christmas gifts in a half price clearance sale at Kamsons Health and Beauty.

Large specimen shrubs and trees at Staverton Nursery

A massive delivery of large specimen shrubs and trees has arrived at Staverton Nursery and the new arrivals are currently being unpacked for display.

Even more are expected within the next few days.

Matt Cottingham from the nursery said some of the shrubs are “pretty awesome” to look at and that is certainly true. Many tower overhead.

Just delivered at Staverton Nursery, Himalayan Birch, still wrapped in red tape after delivery. Equally tall and just behind them are Column Formed Birch.

Towering over a new delivery of specimen trees and shrubs at Staverton Nursery are Liquid Amber trees trained in a frame from which their branches will weep towards the ground as they grow.

A Cedrus Atlantica Pendula Galuca, a tall tree which will spread out and fill in over time.

Yet more new arrivals at Staverton Nursery, still to be moved to display positions.

And more smaller shrubs waiting to be unpacked.

On a completely difference scale wallflowers are now for sale at the nursery while spring bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, and crocuses are selling out fast.

Wallflowers in pots at Staverton Nursery. There are bare root wallflowers too.

The Spade and Spoon trailer, offering homemade food and drinks, has now been moved closer to the store and, outside seating is accessed from within the shop.

The Spade and Spoon has been moved closer to the Staverton Nursery building for the autumn with seating in a hard area rather than on grass as previously.

New stock at Cole’s Menswear

New stock continues to arrive at Cole’s Menswear including a brand that’s new to the store, A Fish Named Fred.

You might spot a display in the window as well as in store. See below.

A new brand to Cole’s Menswear, A Fish Named Fred, is currently highlighted in the shop window.

New in at Cole’s Menswear, shirts, jumpers, and jackets from A Fish Named Fred.

Also look out for the latest arrivals from Barbour, Meyer, and new jackets too.

New in at Cole’s Menswear from Barbour.

New trousers from Meyer at Cole’s Menswear.

New jackets at Cole’s Menswear.

First 100% battery ride-on mower at PP Estates

PP Estates has taken delivery of its first 100% ride-on mower.

The Weibay mower came onto the market a year ago but PP Estates owner Philip Eves wanted to make sure it was reliable before he started stocking it.

He says reports have been positive and so he has welcomed the mower into the showroom. He is pictured with it below.

More battery ride-ons are on order, including from Mountfield. More battery products will be arriving next year too.

Philip Eves with the Weibay 100% battery ride-on mower at PP Estates.

New range of supplements at Best Health Food Shop

A new range of supplements has arrived at Best Health Food Shop at the bottom of the High Street near Uckfield Railway Station.

Balanced packaging is plastic-free and includes refillable pouches. The range includes a daily multi vitamin, supplements for hair, skin and nails, turmeric and magnesium.

You will see a Balanced display in the shop window at the moment.

Balanced, a new range of supplements at Best Health Food Shop.

Inside you will find plenty of locally-sourced produce including eggs, honey, vegan fudge and ice-cream.

Locally sourced eggs at Best Health Food Shop.

Lucky Cat Fudge a locally produced vegan fudge sold at Best Health Food Shop.

Superior Glass appeals for local support

Superior Glass, Uckfield’s longest established glass and window business, is urging the people of Uckfield to support local businesses like themselves rather than using big national companies.

A new sign is now displayed on the building saying: “When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home … you’re helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey, and mums and dads put food on the table. Shop Local”

Superior Glass with its Shop Local message on the side of the building.

Superior Glass has been busy over the past month and some of its most recent aluminium door and glazed roof installations can be seen below so providing you with your own home improvement ideas.

Warmer clothes appear at Chestnut Tree Charity Shop

Warmer clothes, boots and shoes, for men and women, are making an appearance at the Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice charity shop. See some in Uckfield News pictures below.

Clothes for cooler days are appearing at the Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice charity shop in Uckfield with some shown in the window.

A look inside the Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice charity shop.


Specials on the menu at Hartfields

See below what’s on the specials menu at Hartfields:

Guest Coffee: Single origin ‘Peru’ Cafe Femenino which tastes clean, juicy and well balanced. This is available as a batch brew.
Raspberry, Apple and Banana Smoothie
Cold Brew Iced Tea.
Hartfields special recipe

Brunch – available all day
Mexican Baked Eggs Rich tomato sauce, peppers, onion, melted smoked cheese, avocado, warm flatbread
Chestnut Mushrooms and Spinach on Sourdough Pine nuts and poached egg optional
Streaky bacon can be added to either of the above.

Lunch – 12 onwards
Coconut, Lime and Mango Chicken Skewers, Sweet chilli dip
Smoked Mackerel and Leek Risotto, Wilted spinach, poached egg
Roast Veg, Hummus and Feta Wrap Sun-dried tomato and spinach, or swap Feta for avocado to make it vegan.

Crisps, Hand Cut Chips, Sweet Potato Fries

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