As Manor schoolchildren start fund-raising to build a house for a family in Uganda, school business manager Ruth Western and head teacher Margaret Coleman show how progress will be marked by the sale of bricks on a wall chart.

Uckfield schoolchildren aim to build a house in Uganda

Children at Manor Primary School, Uckfield, who have sponsored a child in Uganda and paid for him to go to school for the past six years now want to build a home for him and his family.

They have already raised £1,500 towards the project and need just £3,000 more to buy land and build the house.

Business manager at the school, Ruth Western, told children about the fund-raising challenge, at a special assembly yesterday, and to illustrate the task showed them a giant house on the wall of the hall where progress towards the target will be charted.

manor uganda Sunstone Year 6

Ruth Western shows children from Sunstone Class, Year 6, the copy of a letter from 13-year-old Akamada Bukenya who is able to attend school thanks to support from children at Manor Primary School. The children, from the left, are: Francesca Rocchiccioli, Lucy Maher, Daniel Gee, Isabel Nyren, Vinnie Holdsworth and Rhys Dopson.

Spaces have been marked on the house for 1,500 bricks. As bricks are bought, for £2 a time, they will be placed on the wall, each embellished with the names of the people who have bought them.

When Ruth asked whether the children would like to help they shouted with one voice: “Yes”.

There will be different colour bricks for different parts of the house. The windows will be blue, and the door red. The wall bricks will be yellow.

Ruth is going to Kabubbu, in Uganda, in November to meet 13-year-old Akamada Bukenya and his family to tell them about the fund-raising for their new home.

Felt-tip pens and glue sticks

One of her suitcases will be full of felt-tip pens, glue sticks and other things that can be used in the classroom at Akamada’s school.

Ruth told Manor children yesterday that she had been talking to the Quicken Trust charity, which helps the school with their sponsorship of Akamada, about how they might aid the teenager’s family further but she was told it was difficult to do more while they did not own their own home.

In the past they have bought beds, mattresses and blankets, and shoes but now, while the school might like to install a toilet in the house or buy animals to be farmed this couldn’t happen when the family lived in somebody else’s property.

The solution: Build a house especially for Akamada’s mother and his siblings. This would also mean that Akamada’s mother wouldn’t have to spend her time breaking rocks in a quarry to earn just £10 a week to keep a roof over their heads. She would have the chance to find something to do that she would enjoy.


Letters are to go home with Manor schoolchildren this week. Each will contain five bricks and it is hoped that families will buy some of them to go on the house chart at school. Letters will also be sent out to see if any businesses in the town would like to contribute.

Ruth told Manor children that Akamada is doing well at school. He got 83% for maths and 97% for reading and was being allowed to progress to the next class.

She also read out a letter from Akamada thanking Manor children for their help. He said: “I thank you for all the support you always give me for a bright future.”

If you would like to contribute too the school would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact Ruth Western on 01825 763041.

akamada's letter

Akamada’s thank you letter. Click on it to enlarge.

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