Uckfield roadworks cause delays

Drivers coming into Uckfield from the south are facing long delays at the Framfield Road traffic lights.

Uckfield roadworks heading south towards Ridgewood Farm

The hold-up is caused by traffic tailing back from the roadworks near Bell Walk.

Town councillor Diane Ward has asked if the Framfield Road junction lights and those for the roadworks could work in tandem to ease the queues.

Cllr Diane Ward

Often traffic heading into town is held near the police station and drivers see the lights go green but cannot move forward because of the yellow box junction.

Any gaps in the queue ahead are often filled by traffic emerging from Framfield Road and Bridge Farm Road, 

Cllr Ward said at a meeting of the town council:

“I am pretty sure I am not the only person to have got stuck in, or has complaints about the traffic lights.

“I am just wondering if there is any way that it can be linked slightly better with the traffic lights at the police station.

Lights go green but you cannot move

“I travel out to Brighton every day to go to work. There have been times from [the entrance to] the Victoria Pleasure Ground to getting through those traffic lights at the police station, it has changed at least 12 times.

“It has taken me as long to go from Victoria Pleasure Ground to my house [in Uckfield North] than it has from Brighton to Victoria Pleasure Ground.”

County councillor Claire Dowling agreed to take up  the issue with the highways authority.

Cllr Claire Dowling

The roadworks are being carried out for UK Power Networks to instal a new connection to the electricity network.

Underground 11kv cables are being routed from the sub station in Bell Lane to the 1,000 homes development at Ridgewood Farm.

The route is through the High Street, New Town and along Lewes Road.

Many residents have queried why the cable could not have been installed along the verge of Bell Farm Road to the by-pass and then alongside the A22 and into the Ridgewood Farm site at the first opportunity.

When the issue was raised at a previous town council meeting, county councillor Claire Dowling said:

“When we first heard about the electrical cable that was being laid, our hearts sank because it was going through the town.

“We asked why.

“The response that came back was that UKPN had investigated all the potential routes.”

She said the permit-issuing authority [East Sussex Highways] could not make a utility company do something it may not wish to do.

  • UK Power Networks hopes to have the works complete by “early summer”.

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