Uckfield residents want action against teenage thugs

Update on Monday, February 26, at 3pm: Police have responded to complaints about anti-social behaviour in Uckfield.

They say it is an issue of growing concern in the town and officers are intent on tackling those responsible. Read more here.

From our original story: Uckfield residents are calling for action against teenage thugs terrorising people on town streets.

In the latest incident a man walking through Bell Walk on Friday night after getting off the 6.20pm train from East Croydon to Uckfield was goaded, spat upon and eventually knocked over after being pushed from behind.

The man’s wife appealed on the Uckfield Talk Facebook page for witnesses to contact the police with any details.


Other incidents were reported on Uckfield Talk too, including a woman getting into trouble with the police for hitting a minor after retaliating when she was hit.

There are reports of a group running and cycling through moving and stationary traffic banging on windows, and a time when about 12 wearing masks bashed on the side of a bus intimidating passengers.

Residents are asking what is happening to the town and why the police haven’t taken effecive action to stop the trouble.


They are concerned that if action isn’t taken soon somebody will be hurt, including the youngsters if someone is driven to retaliate again.

Some townspeople have reported feeling scared to go about their own business. Others talk of carrying alarms, or cans of hairspray for their own protection, or installing the Holly Guard app on their phone which turns it into an alarm when shaken and alerts a friend.

There have been suggestions for action including getting a group together to approach the youngsters, writing to the Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, or calling for a public meeting to be attended by the police and local authorities to find out what can be done.

Other suggestions include reporting the problem to the town council and asking people to sign a petition seeking action.

Read more about the police response to the problem of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage here.

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