Some of the luggage Cezar was struggling to get home to Romania. Now thanks to Uckfield residents who rallied to help he is on his way.

Uckfield residents help to get stranded Romanian home for Christmas

Uckfield residents have rallied to help get a Romanian man home in time for Christmas after spotting him sitting outside a petrol station with his belongings.

Ashley Smith asked for help on the Uckfield Talk Facebook page last night to find Romanian speakers who could communicate with the man.

Ashley said he had first noticed the man at around noon and when he saw him still there at 5pm he went to check if he was ok. “From what I could gather he’s trying to get home but has no money.”

Ashley went on to say he was cooking tea for his family and would make food for the man too.

People responded quickly to Ashley’s post and Tudor Todut in Costa Coffee who speaks Romanian went to see what was going on.

Tudor reported later on Uckfield Talk that the man, Cezar, had £145 but estimated he needed around £200 to £220 to get to Romania. He had lost his job in Crowborough and the main problem was the amount of luggage he had to transport.

Tudor then said that Dragos, who works at Dominos, had offered to give the man a lift, with all his luggage, to London and he would then take a minibus from London to Romania.

Tudor said: “Thank you very much for all your help, he is really grateful for everything and he is very happy that we are helping him get back to his family for Christmas.”

One of the Uckfield Talk administrators Josh Gibbens said: “I am so happy this has had a positive result. I used to work with Dragos at Dominos and he is a really great guy.”

And others shared their delight too with comments including:

“Well done to all involved, proud to be part of this wonderful community.”

“So lovely to read about all this kindness. What a wonderful town …”

“So pleased that this has a positive outcome. Best of luck to him, hope he gets home safe. Thanks to all those concerned, you are heroes.”

“Thank you all, I joined this group because I met this man yesterday and chatted and gave him some money but worried about him all day and all last night. I hope he gets home safely. People say “it’s not your responsibility” but what are we if we don’t help a fellow human and don’t judge how they are in their situation. We will all need help at some point. Thank you you lovely lot!”

Cezar is on his way home

Tudor said on Uckfield Talk Facebook page this morning: “Hello everyone, Dragos just departed with Cezar, they are heading to London where Cezar will take a minibus to Romania and hopefully he’ll be back to his family in time for Christmas.

He wanted me to say thank you to all who helped him and to all that supported him with food, umbrellas, clothes, money and suitcases. You definitely made his Christmas! I guess miracles do happen around this time of the year.  Merry Christmas everyone!”

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