The construction site at the Victoria Pleasure Ground, Uckfield. (File picture)

Uckfield residents criticised for damage at Victoria ground

Damage has been caused at the Victoria Pleasure Ground, Uckfield, by people forcing their way on to closed paths and into tennis courts which are currently being refurbished.

Uckfield town councillor Jeremy Hallett said any damage done by residents would be paid for by council tax payers.

He added: “Please can people respect the fact that these improvements for Uckfield residents are going on, and for the few whose walk has necessitated damaging construction sites etc can you please respect your town’s property as we all have to pay for your damage.”

Cllr Hallett said “certain users” had complained about the closure of the pathway in the vicinity of the tennis courts and the protective boarding placed on top of it, which was uneven and slippery when wet.

“They should not have been walking there as the path has been closed off whilst work has been carried out on the tennis courts.

“Sadly some have forced their way through, causing damage that everyone else in Uckfield now has to pay for.”

Work on the courts has been delayed because of freezing temperatures which could ruin new tarmac.

Cllr Hallett said there were now further signs about using the path around Victoria and an attempt has been made to improve it temporarily pending the next work commencing.

“Anyone using the path now needs to be aware that it is at their risk as the work is not finished.”

Cllr Hallett added that all three tennis courts were now padlocked in a bid to keep people out. “To the person in the street, the lower courts may seem finished but the tarmac still has to fully dry out and we are awaiting the thumbs up from the contractor on this point.

“There is both a safety and tarmac damage risk currently which is why people are not let into the courts.”

Some of the old equipment from the courts and fencing will be re-used but the rest will be sold with the proceeds going towards the cost of the project and a schools engagement programme.

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