Uckfield rail ticket office ‘safe’

Rumours that Uckfield and Buxted  railway station ticket office will close have been discounted.

The suggestion circulated locally on Friday with a link to a Daily Telegraph story from 2011 which indicated most ticket offices on the Uckfield line would close.

However, train operator Southern told UckfieldNews.com: “You can forget that list.”

The RMT trade union has also published a list of station ticket offices which it says are targeted for closure by company which owns Southern and a number of other franchises.

Uckfield and Buxted were not on this list.

Extension of platforms along the Uckfield line is continuing with major works planned this week for Uckfield.

According to the plan, the total closure of the line between Uckfield and Crowborough will end this week with only a period of off-peak closures starting the week after next.

• Looking back to 2010 when the new Uckfield railway station building opened. New Uckfield rail station opens.

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