Uckfield parking crackdown – car towed away

Uckfield Police continue to crackdown on motorists who are flouting parking restrictions.

In one case, a  car has been towed away.

PCSO Christine Cooley said: “We said we would do it and we have.”

She was responding to a comment from Cllr John Carvey at a meeting of Uckfield Town Council.

Cllr Carvey said he was pleased to see the notices warning motorists about breaching parking regulations. See story here.

“I was pleased to see the parking notices go up. People are being more careful in Bridge Farm Road,” he said.  Before the notices access by larger vehicles in Farriers Way was being blocked, he said.

Every three months the Uckfield policing panel meets and decides priorities for the area. Current priorities are:

1 Anti-social behaviour in the upper High Street, particularly at night

2. Parking in the High Street – overstaying in one-hour bays and parking or parking on double yellow lines

3. Parking outside schools – During drop off and collection times.

Councillors were told crime was low. In the last month there have been two burglaries and one garage break-in. There were two incidents of vandalism of car wing mirrors.

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