The red vertical line shows the height of the sapling which has now been moved

Uckfield mayor Spike Mayhew acts to protect ‘Queen’s sapling’

The Uckfield Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy sapling, planted at the weekend, has been moved to a “place of safety”.

Town Mayor, Cllr Spike Mayhew, now has it growing in a pot in his back garden.

He feared the planting location in Elizabeth Gardens made the sapling vulnerable to theft or accidental/deliberate damage.


Putting a cage around the rowan would, it was felt, draw unnecessary attention to the vulnerable plant.

There was widespread surprise at the planting ceremony at how small the plant was, with some referring to it as a “twig”

Cllr Mayhew outlined his action’s to a meeting of Uckfield Town Council’s environment and leisure committee on Monday (November 12).

Position of sapling

He said he had discussed the size of the sapling and its position with town clerk, Holly Goring. The feeling was that it would not last long where it was.

“Because of where it is, and late-night shopping coming up soon, I didn’t think it would stay there.

“They were going to put some sort of guard around it but that would just have drawn attention to it because it is so small.


“After discussion with the town clerk, and assistant town clerk, the tree has been removed from its position and it is a plant pot in my back garden, until we can find somewhere and someone to look after it.”

He said the tree needed nurturing and attention until it was big enough to be planted out.

“I will look after it for the time being until someone else wants to take over,” the town mayor said.

Cllr Chris Macve offered to host the sapling and care for it.

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