Uckfield Manor Park traffic ‘madness’

Downsview Crescent traffic during school drop-off and pick-up times is worrying Uckfield town councillors.

Downsview Crescent on the Manor Park Estate near the junction with Southview Drive, Uckfield. File photo

They are going to devote part of a meeting in the next few weeks to try and formulate an action plan to take to East Sussex County Council.

Councillors will be looking for solutions to road safety concerns on the Manor Park Estate and other areas of Uckfield.

Ridgewood Community Speedwatch

The council is supporting speed reduction initiatives and a Community Speedwatch is being revived in Ridgewood with hopes similar schemes will be set up in other communities.

During a discussion at the council’s environment and leisure committee on Monday (March 22) Cllr Duncan Bennett said Manor Park needed to be a 20mph limit, especially at school drop-off time.

Cllr Duncan Bennett

“It is just madness.

“We need to look at ways of making things safer on Manor Park with the increase in student numbers which is undoubtedly going to happen.”

He suggested a wider look at the issues was taken by the committee to make recommendations to East Sussex Highways.

Ideas could be pedestrian crossings and maybe making Downsview Crescent and Browns Lane a one-way system, which he admitted could be unpopular.

“It is something we need to look at.

Street closed to traffic at school times?

“It’s bonkers. Having to do the school drops at the moment because I am not in London has opened my eyes to the sheer volume of traffic and the traffic goes every which was but loose.

“It’s crazy.”

Chairman of the committee, Cllr Jez Beesley, said there had been a suggestion that Manor School would be part of a pilot scheme where  Downsview Crescent would be closed to traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times.

[It did not become part of the pilot but six schools are part of the trial in other parts of East Sussex].

‘Like the Wild West’

Cllr Ben Cox said there were many potholes in the area and people were driving quite fast, swerving and “they have nearly hit young people crossing the road.

“It is the wild west round there,” he said.

Earlier, Cllr James Edwards suggested considering a “20s plenty” campaign on estates throughout the town.

Speed reminder stickers

“I know it would be difficult to get the speed limit formally reduced on the estates. This would be public awareness, such as stickers on bins,” he said.

Cllr Donna French said she had helped Church Coombe residents’ association get 30mph reminder stickers for their wheelie bins.

She said: “It is hard to benchmark something like that to know whether it has made a difference or not.”

Stickers for bins were, however, a cheap initiative, she said.

From our files

In 2017 A Walk and Talk initiative was launched by the schools and nursery in Downsview Crescent to reduce the amount of traffic. See our report here.

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